PSA: Unsupported Region

Okay, so changing how I update this. You’ll see newest information up top and then older information “hidden” where you have to click to reveal. Do me and yourself a favor, click to see the older bits of information if you didn’t see it. There’s still some fairly important info there for everyone. I just wanted to simplify this a bit.

Otherwise, link below give basic info.

General Notice


You still are participating in Brave Rewards and can earn BAT. To verify this, take a look at as this is where all countries that can participate in Rewards are listed. This message about your region not being supported only refers to Brave restricting you from being able to link to Uphold or Gemini for a short period. Brave is resolving issues and hoping to bring countries back by the end of the year. Until they get your country resolved, you will earn BAT and receive payments on your browser. When they are able to allow your region to connect to Uphold or Gemini again, you will be able to link it and all your BAT stored in your browser will be received there.

This means everyone just needs to be patient. You’re not being excluded and not losing out on anything. And yes, this is something Brave is dealing with. So writing to Uphold or Gemini won’t help you.

UPDATE November 30, 2022

Uphold verification re-enabled for 15 countries additional countries

  • Argentina
  • Belize
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Grenada
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
  • Bahamas
  • Jamaica

[UPDATE November 29, 2022]

Some Latin American countries should be added within the next 2-3 of days.

India and others still are unknown. They say it’s still a high priority but that there have been a number of complications. The focus is just trying to get things organized and making it so when they bring it back, hopefully doesn’t need to be taken down again for a long time.


UPDATE: November 22, 2022

Nothing new for this week. They are hoping things are in line and able to reopen to some countries within Latin America next week. No specific countries they can speak of right now, only that at least some countries in the region seems like it’s close to coming back.

I didn’t ask about India and they didn’t mention. So for those wondering, still don’t know. I’ll hope to dig in more on that maybe next week, in addition to hopefully news about Latin America and other regions as well.

UPDATE: November 14, 2022

Brazil, Turkey, and Cayman Islands are able to link to Uphold again.

Verifying with Uphold re-enabled for Brazil, Turkey and Cayman Islands

UPDATE November 11, 2022

I’ve received feedback from Users saying not able to relink even though we’ve been said you should be able to. I’ve relayed that to the Rewards team and I’m waiting for responses. I can guarantee that in the call I had with them, they did say it should work and gave me permission to provide the update I gave.

I appreciate the feedback and anyone who wants to share regarding success or failure of relinking is appreciated. In the meanwhile, I’ll be sure to post more updates when I hear back from the team(s) at Brave.

UPDATE November 10, 2022

Uphold status is similar Gemini is at the moment. What I mean by this is you should be able to link to Uphold IF you meet all the below requirements.

  • You were linked with the particular browser/wallet payment ID to Uphold in the past (meaning you haven’t reinstalled Brave, formatted your device, etc)

  • You did not manually disconnect Uphold from your browser

  • You have not linked to Gemini or anything in between. (the last known connection was to Uphold with your current Reward) and you’re connecting to the same Uphold you had before.

  • Your Uphold account is still in good standing and active

Basically, if you were Verified in a country, such as India or Brazil when support for the country stopped and you have done nothing since, then you should be able to connect to Uphold again now.

However, new connections will only be allowed in supported countries, which you can see at

UPDATE November 08, 2022

No specific information to give for this week’s update. Everything is still a work in progress. India and Turkey among top priority, as are Latin America countries. No estimated timeline to give at this time. Will hope to provide more information next week.

UPDATE November 02, 2022

In yesterday’s call, they didn’t have much to say except still working with Uphold and Gemini to bring countries back and make necessary changes. Brazil is back on their primary focus again (supposedly). If all goes well, it will return before too long.

When asked if they still think regions will be brought back by the end of the year, they said yes.

Outside of the call with a different person from Brave, there was a discussion about Turkey, where it was also said to be in the works and likely returning soon. So that’s essentially the latest for now.

UPDATE October 29, 2022

Sorry, I missed the weekly update here. There wasn’t much shared with us officially. Brave is still working on getting countries back and making progress on the new exchange that will be coming, which will allow us more options in terms of custodial partners. We still are at 28 countries on the list for Uphold, which was expanded from just 18 a couple weeks prior. So there is progress being made.

Unofficially, I’d like to encourage people from India to try to see if they can link to Uphold. The reason for this is someone had posted a few days ago that they and their friends were able to link to Uphold despite being from India. The primary User had already linked to Uphold in the past and the friends supposedly were new.

Treat this as an experiment. Worst case is it will be as officially announced, which means will still show not in a supported region. But if the User is correct and it will let you link, then would be quite awesome.

UPDATE October 19, 2022

Little late on the update this week. So long story short, Jimmy wasn’t on the Community Call for the week and we didn’t have any updates there. However, we have had some changes being made. To quote Chriscat:

Brave Rewards: 10 countries re-enabled for connecting to Uphold! Switzerland, Andorra, Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Poland

So progress is being made. I’d just encourage everyone to continue being patient while we wait for other countries to be added again. You can also keep an eye out on the lists at

UPDATE October 13, 2022

GOOD NEWS! Gemini is back to 100% for existing Users. If you’re connecting a new device or have never yet connected Brave to Gemini, you won’t be able to connect. But if you’ve linked to Gemini before and are using the same Rewards profile, you’ll be able to log in once again.

Home _ Twitter - Brave 10_13_2022 22_09_20

(For anyone who doesn’t know, Miyayes = Chriscat)

I’ve also seen this confirmed as people from India have been able to connect their Rewards to Gemini. Just keep in mind, THIS IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO HAD LINKED THEIR EXISTING BROWSER PROFILE TO GEMINI IN THE PAST.

UPDATE October 11, 2022

Jimmy Secretan made the following points/comments for updates.

  • Gemini had asked we basically turned off all but US while they address some issues.

  • It’s unfortunate, but we can’t really talk about all the reasons involved because it’s something we’re paying close attention to.

  • I know it’s disappointing for everyone

  • The good news is we’re making progress with Uphold and hopefully will have Brazil, India, and other countries turned on soon. We’re just waiting for Uphold to finish up a few things surrounding fraud.

  • Recent Gemini changes are for new users or devices only. If you’re seeing it not letting you log in again right now, give it some time as we’re updating things to allow it to link on the User side. Though it shows you Unverified, it will still be connected on Brave’s side.

  • Give us a few days because there are some issues Rewards team is working on, which hopefully will push payments through for current payments. If you’re having issues with payments after next week, submit a Support Ticket

  • Germany is different than the rest. Theirs is more regulatory things going on and is more difficult, so we don’t know what we’re going to do about Germany.

UPDATE October 07, 2022

I just made a new Topic to share information recently provided by Chriscat from Brave. It provides some answers to things people want to know in regards to why regional support was withdrawn in places and kind of alludes to some of the things they are working on to bring countries back. You can see this at PSA: More info on Unsupported Region

UPDATE October 06, 2022
  1. Colombia will be able to link to Uphold once again. NOTICE: Uphold Verification for users in Columbia has been re-enabled

  2. New notice went out saying only United States can link accounts to Gemini. You can see it at Verifying with Gemini now only available for US Gemini accounts (Brave Rewards)

I am trying to learn more, but did have Luke Mulks explain the following:

  • This only will impact people who already had not linked Brave to Gemini. If you have linked to Gemini, it will remain connected as long as you don’t Disconnect it yourself.

  • This change was required by Gemini, and while the teams are evaluating adding support to countries outside the US for new users, there is not an ETA for when.

  • If an existing user has to re-authenticate with their linked Gemini account, they will be able to.

  • If Gemini linked accounts get disconnected (without the User choosing to disconnect themselves) and are unable to reverify , it should be reported (submit a support ticket

UPDATE October 04, 2022

Today’s talk was more on Privacy. That said, at the beginning they mentioned no updates on countries except Colombia. Jimmy mentioned that he thinks things are about wrapped up and Colombia should be added again soon. However, he did not provide an ETA for that.

UPDATE September 27, 2022

The person who usually gives updates on region is Jimmy Secretan (@jsecretan) but he wasn’t able to make it to the call for some reason. Nobody else on the call really had been in touch to be able to try to answer anything with any accuracy in regards to any updates on this topic.

Hopefully he’ll be on next week or perhaps will get more official updates soon.

UPDATE September 20, 2022

Question Any updates on unsupported regions?

Answer No, not yet. We have a bit of a timing update. There are things we are waiting on Uphold for at this point, some of their changes that are going into place. I cast some shade here, but they were supposed to have completed by now and I think they are getting pushed off one more week.

Again, I hope we have some better news on that here soon. We’re waiting on that to bring back some regions. But there’s more work to be done to bring even more back. Still, pushed back a little bit but hoping any week now we can get better news.

Question It was mentioned in the past that we’d be doing Brazil added and then immediately after, India. When you mentioned waiting on Uphold to make some changes so countries can be brought back, is this going to be only Brazil and/or India, or will this include other countries?

Answer We’ll have to see. I think right now it’s primarily Brazil and maybe some other countries. Before that though, there’s more work to be done before we can get to India.

UPDATE September 13, 2022

Today’s talk was all about Brave Wallet but they did respond to me in an email regarding regional support. The answer is they don’t have anything solid to say right now but will reach out when they do.

I know, this is three weeks with little to no information. It’s frustrating, but it’s where we’re at. Hopefully they’ll get it figured out and reach out to us soon with more information so we aren’t left hanging without a clue.

UPDATE September 06, 2022

Brave has Brazil situated and is waiting for Uphold to turn in some options and make adjustments on their end. They said that ideally it’s going to be happening within the next few days.

I didn’t get clarification if this is just Brazil or if others will be active at the same time. So I guess we’ll all be waiting together this week to see what they tell us.

UPDATE August 31, 2022

Unfortunately have to announce that Brave has paused the ability to verify with Uphold for anyone in Colombia. No idea why quite yet. But I do know that people from that region were having difficulties on occasion, so I think it’s been taken down to try to fix it for everyone.

Columbia has been temporarily removed as a supported region for Uphold verification

UPDATE August 30, 2022

Sad to say this particular Brave Call had a lot of news on other things and we didn’t get much time to talk on Rewards. The update just was Brazil has been taking longer than expected and they are still working hard to restore it. They are currently waiting to hear back from Uphold on some of the things they are working on to get Brazil back up and running. Then they will be going straight for India next.

UPDATE August 23, 2022

Today’s update is not much of an update, unfortunately. What was said is that they are still prioritizing Brazil and India, working to get them back up ASAP and will be continuing to work on other countries.

When asked if unsupported regions would likely be added before the end of the year, they stated they are definitely going to have most added by then. Some countries, such as Germany, are questionable due to government policies/regulations.

I’ll update when we hear more to share.

UPDATE August 20, 2022

Brave had some issues and had to disable Brazil once again. They said it will be just a few days, but we will wait and see. Brazil: Verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold & Gemini will be re-enabled soon

UPDATE August 18, 2022

Brazil should be able to reconnect to Gemini and Upold once again!

This means now there are 21 available regions to connect to exchanges. India should be coming soon. Not sure what they are working on after, but will update as Brave makes it known.

UPDATE August 16, 2022

France should be able to connect to Uphold once again. France: Verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold is re-enabled!

France should be brought back but they are having some who are saying having issues, so they are investigating that and making sure all in France can connect.

Originally said India was next priority, but things happened where Brazil is now shifted to be next. Hopefully India about the same time, but might take just a tad longer for India.

If all goes well, Brazil and India hopefully will be back within the next 2-3 weeks. That said, I always advise to expect longer. So think 1-2 months and be happy if we get it sooner (my personal opinion).

Other countries not known yet. Will update as we know more.

UPDATE August 09, 2022

To quote exactly what was said (my questions pertained more to France, India, and Germany but that’s because France and India had been said to be their starting point. Everyone else should start to be added shortly after. I asked Germany because it’s in a unique situation and I wanted to bring it up):

Now with integration back on, hopefully we will be doing the necessary tests with France in the next couple of weeks.

And then we will move on to India. Germany is more restricted and complicated but we’ll talk to the providers about that.

For those from the many other countries affected, I didn’t specifically ask about you but that’s only because France and India has been said to be the priority. So they will be added first. This means we know at least 1-2 months for your region to come back, maybe longer. I’ll share about specific countries as Brave mentions them.

UPDATE August 03. 2022

Uphold is open once again for the 19 countries listed below (if your country is not listed, you still can’t link to Uphold or Gemini):

Supported regions for verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial wallet provider – Brave Help Center - Brave 8_3_2022 11_27_32 AM (1)

They are still working on opening up to other countries but no idea how long. Last time it was discussed, aim was for at least France and India to be back within the next 2 months, along with anyone else they’ll be able to bring back at that time.

UPDATE August 02, 2022

Community Call update: You can listen in at
Other information also from emails, which I’ll summarize.

  • We will be adding Uphold for restricted countries tomorrow

  • For those asking why regions are being restricted, there’s not much we can say. Everything has been related to both compliance and fraud. We realize it’s an inconvenience and we’re working to bring things back ASAP.

UPDATE July 26, 2022 6pm EDT

Just finished Brave Community Call. YouTube =

  • The first thing that will be addressed will be Uphold, which is down for everyone. They are hoping to have that within the week. This will bring it back to the 19 countries listed in the Gemini and Uphold notices linked above.

  • Once add 19 countries again, will try to start adding other countries. Hope is countries like France and India will be added within the next couple months.

  • All others will be added ASAP but no timeline given. If all goes well, will be within same couple months as listed above. But it’s possible to last longer. So be prepared for the worst case scenario that it will be a long time but hope it gets completed sooner.

Remember, you still can earn BAT and participate in Rewards. So don’t let this discourage you. I understand it’s frustrating as many want access to BAT for money now. Unfortunately this will have to be delayed until they are able to add your region again.


If you’re wondering why you’re seeing “unsupported region,” then open and read all links below. Just a note, I’ll be linking this to everyone who keeps asking.

First off, Uphold is currently paused for all in the world. Meaning it doesn’t matter where you live, you can’t connect or reconnect to Uphold. It is temporary, not permanent.

Temporary Pause On Uphold Linking

Besides that though, there also is a temporary limitation on countries that can connect to Gemini or Uphold. See the official announcements below. Also, below that, is a YouTube link to a Community Call where Brave discussed it. This also answers the questions many of you have as to “why” and “how long?” (Why = legal/regulations and business issues. How long = unknown, but as soon as possible)

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold

If good with spoken English, you can listen also to but otherwise, a paraphrase of the important part is below:

I see a lot of questions about some of the new recent country restrictions. We know that the last few weeks have been super confusing on what countries are supported. Some historically have gone in and out of support as compliance issues. Some, frankly, as I’ve shared before, have become fraud vectors (we don’t go into that in too much detail).

But what we wanted to do in this latest round is say, ok, let’s constrain it down to countries we have been comfortable with and had the least amount of issues.

We’re hoping over the next couple of weeks is that we’re going to put some more kind of controls and protections in place with those custodial partners and will start to bring regions back. France is top of my list to bring back. India is definitely on my list to bring back as soon as possible. So a lot of those countries, we’re going to really be working with those custodial partners to make sure things are in good shape so we can bring those back as soon as possible. Some, frankly, may take longer than others.

As I mentioned to Stephen (Saoiray), it may take us a little while to figure out things in Vietnam and Philippines. We’re still working on that. We still want to bring all these regions back, but hopefully ones like France and India, they’re probably at the top of our list to bring back into the fold. As soon as we have any updates there, we will let you know. That’s a lot of what we’ll be working on over the next few weeks and we’ll do our best to keep you updated.

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“uphold is currently paused?” what do you mean by that, it has been paused since last 3 to 4 months. very disappointed. why dont let the rewards directly go to brave wallet instead of uphold.


Reading is very important. It makes it sound like you chose not to read all the articles or you’re just arguing. The difference is that Brave cut back to only 19 countries for Uphold in July and the same 19 countries for Gemini in May. Then, just last week, they paused Uphold for EVERYONE.

Also, you see the quoted text in my comment above? It explains when things will be reopened.

You see the search glass on the top right of the screen? You can use it to type in phrases and questions, it pulls up other conversations. Try using it to see questions and answers similar. This is something that we have answered many times before. For example, Request Regarding Brave Rewards - #2 by Saoiray and Brave Wallet for Rewards? - #2 by Saoiray

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Hello. How can we stay informed about the notifications regarding this matter? Will they be updated in this post? Do you have to be reading the forum regularly? Will they report through other channels?

Usually there are announcements made through topics here on Brave Community, Reddit, Twitter, and other sources. Anyone can try to keep track of those and sort through all the messages if they’d like. Mattches, Steeven, SaltyBanana, Evan123, and others do a great job of sharing updates as they hear things. It just doesn’t have a centralized location where they share it.

Due to that, I often create topics like this one which I label as a PSA in order to try to condense information and make it easily accessible for everyone.

I will always try to provide links or detail where I have heard information that way people can verify it for themselves. If you feel comfortable checking in on this topic every once in a while, you should see me update the original post here as changes occur.

Which method you wish to use to keep track of updates is up to you.


I thank you very much for the answer, it is difficult for me to understand the English language, but your answer was very clear

Ooh, yay. They finally uploaded the YouTube from the Brave Call this past Tuesday. I’ll attach it here:

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Im still hoping for PH to be able to register in Uphold. I’m still holding my BAT until now and i only hope by that time my laptop dont die

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After reading all the sutff related to this Uphold issue, I do beleive that right now has become very risky to use Brave. Just like a pilebomb that every month will grow and grow. Now we won’t be able to install new software or whatever that might damage Brave’s current installation or we will lose our newest BAT. Brave must bring us an alternative as soon as possible. Or everyone will be discouraged of using Brave Rewards.

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Yep, some of us are closing the book’s page of the monstruous issue of receiving a small percentage of current month’s earnings, and now comes this new issue.

I know, I know, this one is not the blame of Brave (it’s a miracle), yeah I’ve also read all the links.

You’re right, they HAVE TO FIND A SOLUTION. What kind of solution is “hold your earnings til soooooome day everything is fixed”? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

On mobile perhaps. On desktop, you just do occasional backup of \brave-browser folder which contains your profile and all. If you restore that to a computer then you’ll have whatever BAT was saved at that time.

That said, I agree they need to do more. I’m kind of agitated as they were nearing the end of Backup & Restore for Rewards but then suddenly pulled the plug on it last month. The claim is:

As you can see in the PR brave/brave-core#13757, a tremendous amount of work went into this, and the feature has been going through the code review process. However, some big changes will be coming to Brave Rewards in the near future that may make Backup & Restore less relevant. As a result, we decided in a meeting last week (after considerable deliberation) that Backup & Restore be put on pause.

In the meantime, users facing a situation in which they have no custodial option and need to back up their current vBAT can manually copy-paste/back up their /brave-browser folder (at least on desktop), which will contain their vBAT at the time of manual backup. They can find a path to it in brave://version.

Yet as I have inquired for more details, they are revealing nothing. It’s been a month and still nothing. I have an idea of things they might be adding here, but it’s all by making assumptions and putting clues together. I’m just not wanting to voice it out loud and be wrong, so we’re waiting and only discussing what they officially announce overall.

Yeah, we can hope. They didn’t make it sound too convincing in talks though. I’m not sure what happened, but it seems that Vietnam and Philippines are the least likely to be added again, though they are doing all they can to avoid saying it. We can only wait and see. I hate to be discouraging but am always at least trying to be completely blunt and honest in how I see things. Just take it as my opinion and not factual, as the official response has been:

it may take us a little while to figure out things in Vietnam and Philippines. We’re still working on that.


As i remember, they banned PH due to some people using a bug ion rewards to get more. i do think its around 2020 they listed PH in unsupported regions

Not sure if they did it back then, but I know official notice went out January of this year.

In so many places, they talk about things being temporary. But in that, it doesn’t make it sound temporary at all. It just straight up said that people in those regions will no longer be eligible to link Brave to a custodial wallet.

I know in other conversations it’s been talked about like they’d like to bring it back, but they’ve not really gotten into specifics. So of all the countries/regions in the world, I’m not holding my breath for that one. There’s some lingering hope for it in the future, but I have my doubts. (my personal opinion/thought. Don’t take that as anything official or Brave’s thoughts)

Its okay really. I guess if i did only join earlier in Brave before the ban i could register fine in Uphold.

Good this post was there. I tried to reverify and got this.
They better open it up before the payout date. As we all know, unverified loses a bunch of rewards.
I have around 8 bats pending each on 2 devices. If I have to stay unverified over the payout date. I am 100% sure at least half of the total will be lost in a void.

Also I just noticed, only my PC was unlinked. And I cant relink it as of now. My android is still verified and linked with uphold as I write this. Strange.

are the accumulated BATs still added to the account?
because I can’t even check my balance anymore

If I’m to wordy or sound preachy I’ll correct it. I tend to write long side the long side of wring etc…

I was hoping to get some one to proof it first, before hitting post

I havent I enjoy this community, POAs and the sprit of waiting for something great .
How long did it take for Linux - GNU to become what it is today. For me GitHub and the FSA are all part of the LOL “Environment”
Just learnt that dystopian potential when tech giant start dictating the user envirment
I was thrilled when I discovered Brave a few years ago. And I worry now and then that I won’t get what I want.
Once flamed brave on twttr off a smart aleck, Really it was out of line and apoligized.
Im a slow writer I’m sure my best letter never get sent since editing take me a long time.

I just like learning what I am learning here.
Watching what I hope will turn into something that be great. And nock some of the stuffing from big brother…!
C the hange for use privacy would be worth the wait ilheiwr utlvuis;pb
Thanks I hope I sprad my happy thoughts
2 -3 years ago.
An eaxample of change that happend since then is the notion of De-Googling ones life.

It not possible when my health care uses Mychart an app Thhat I have too bloat up on from an app store.
Either exspose myself to the ____play store or no video health care.

Me Im a total nube still because Im the care giver for my mother.
thats a full time job - meaning no time to use my brand new computer from the mile high city.
LLL (Love Learning Linux) - - And Brave…!gotta take a break Ill check back in a few days since I have my caregiver responce abilities

Peace :slight_smile:

El dia 31/07/22 recibi la respuesta de UPHOLD de los cuales se lavan las manos y ustedes se lavan las manos… osea no puden ser ni siquiera sinceros con ello y decir que esperan q perdamos los bat’s recolectados para que les salga mas barato, ganar mas o tal vez cubrir perdidas ya q mientras tengan gente q vea su publicidad que ponen no pagan por ello como es el acuerdo verbal q se tiene…

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Just finished the Community Call. They are HOPING that tomorrow they will open Uphold back up to the restricted 19 countries. Tomorrow or day after. No guarantees, but it’s what they are pushing.

Thanks for the update, really hard to get info if you don’t follow all calls or brave’s github page.

It would be seriously great if the Brave Team publishes the list of countries that were removed with a status to know whether they are in process to re-enable wallet linking or they still didn’t start with the process as we know that they will do it country by country.

For example, we know that France and India will be the first in line for that. It would be great to know when Brave will start to work on it and which countries are on the work.

For now we are in the blur with vague statements, and the forum is just filled with messages about geo-restrictions, making it hard to know if some progress has been made.