My country (indonesia) is not supported no more

i noticed that Indonesia was not supported any more. Now, what would you suggest I have to do for the vbat that I earned? Just let it go? (not fair), just give it to others ? (not sincere).
Could you just suggest a name of custodian in my country to open an account so I could transfer it or connect it in the future?

Latvia EU. Same issue here.

Kinda yes. That is how it seems to be for the moment. You’ll have to wait till Uphold / Gemini support your region again or a new custodian is brought in to support your region.
You’ll find some old updates at

Well, no. Brave needs to announce the exchange’s name if they bring one in to make sure that they will support.

I don’t know if things that Quora does to their users could solve the Brave situation for vbat. Quora will pay their users who actively answers or posting questions through Stripe, which will be transfered to user’s local bank.

It’s like they have to do certain tasks to earn that money. Over here, we just browse and see ads like we would in any other browser, but we receive money from it. It’s a reward / gift therefore might have different financial regulations to abide.

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