Uphold won't login/verify me. (Argentina)

Hello, I want to report an error that my browser just marked me, just a few minutes ago, before it was working perfectly, it asks me to log in to my Uphold account, I make the deposit as I always do, I even put the 2 verification code, when continuing with the steps to log in, a sign appears, accusing me that my area is not available, and it does not let me log in. I already had my account registered and linked, I have been linked for more than 1 year, it never gave me problems to start my account. I don’t think it’s a problem in my country with the Uphold platform since I can access the web without any problem and use all its services.

The first mistake that caught my attention.

Here I attach a photo of the message that the browser throws me when trying to start my session.

Note that I have long ago verified and added your platform to my Uphold wallet.

I’m not using VPN it’s my wifi network which has my ip and everything.

I’ve never had a similar problem, I hope they solve it for me.

Greetings to the staff.

@AngelR37 Click all links and read everything over at PSA: Unsupported Region

Hello, thanks for answering me, do you know how long this has to be resolved? Greetings.

All of that is in the information I suggest you read. Short answer is for most countries, it’s unknown.

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