Unsupported region: India, Updates!

is there any Updates about India ? Any progress of India being added up to the list ?

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Nope. It seems even more tough now, since Uphold has stopped offering new accounts in India. You’ll get updates from weekly calls at

Ya I was following that updates only, for quite sometime there where no updates and the reply button is also gone that’s why, I asked like this

Yep. There’s not been much of updates. The team has just come back since a week or so. Yea, we had some off-topic stuff on the PSA so Saoiray locked it.

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Yeah, I locked it because people kept going off-topic or constantly asking “any updates?” when I was constantly updating as I learn more. I do update it weekly still. There’s just not always new information shared by Brave.

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Just got an email from Uphold that Indian accounts can no longer support equities in India.
So it seems they are dropping support for everything one by one in India.

it means we need to wait for other custodial wallet to be available to unsupported countries

India has been difficult and even the “major names” in crypto have halted there. The crypto laws there are very harsh. For example:

We’ll have to see how things go later this year, as discussed at article below:

Gemini already working in india…

Also allows new accounts in India
Problem from uphold side they are not supporting whole asia. …

Not from india. Side

And you refer binance and coinbase…

But both are working in india …
Then How…

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