So what can I do with my BAT in my Brave Rewards

@ditaeon if you’re feeling explorative, you can use a VPN such as VEEPN or ExpressVPN. Not sure if these are legal to use, do more research before you use them if you want to.
I don’t really know what else you can do, maybe find different wallet managers that allow you to manage your BAT?

Please tell me if you found a solution!

Nothing. You can’t do anything with them except tip Creators.

Not true. Malaysia is supported by Uphold last I’ve seen. The issue that you may be referencing is that Brave is not allowing Users from many countries to link Brave to Uphold at this time. That should be changing by the end of the year. So until then, people just save BAT and let it store in their browser.

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That doesn’t help with what they’re asking. If you’re not familiar, I suggest you try to go through a basic FAQ I made over at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

Only Gemini and Uphold are approved. You earn BAT through Rewards which is then stored as vBAT in your browser. The only way you can move it out of Brave is to have a verified account with Uphold or Gemini which is being supported by Brave.

Reason for this is government regulations, KYC/AML. I don’t feel like typing it all out or copy/paste. So let me link you to a couple other things you may want to read.

And this is mainly link to other audio call. You can skip it but was some interesting info I suppose. Though timeline they had kind of missed the mark. But yeah… English speaking Users - Listen to this

Big thing I’ll say is when it comes to places like Gemini/Uphold, it doesn’t get based on VPN. They go based on your passport or other photo ID that they accept, as well as a lot of other documentation you provide. So unless VPN can change your identity and your government documents, it won’t help.

Thankz for all the reply. But nothing is helping unless Uphold and Gemini starts allowing Malaysian citizens to be able to use their service to transfer BAt tokens to them from Brave Browser.

Which at the moment after checking a few minutes back, the two services are still not allowing me to use their service.

Been hunting around looking for other wallets to work with my BAT but as of yet, haven’t found any.

this notice after trying to link up uphold says otherwise. ;p

That tells you exactly what I said. Brave is the one preventing the connection. You can still go to and create an account or sign in to an existing one. Only issue is you can’t link Brave to it and withdraw BAT. Which is why I also said:

And explicitly mentioned:

And like your notice says, “not supported for Brave Rewards verification.” It doesn’t say Uphold doesn’t support you. It’s why I said, it’s not that the two sites don’t support Malaysia, it’s that Brave isn’t supporting Malaysia and many other countries for the moment.

Just Cute. Funny thing is Brave support tells me to look this up with Uphold or Gemini.

Funny thing is this is your first topic in Brave Community, meaning you’ve never asked about it here. And I work closely with Brave Support, to where i know they wouldn’t have told you that. They would have told you the same as me. If you didn’t mention where you live, they may have asked if you were in a supported region. If you told them you were, then they’d say to contact Uphold to correct your information But that would be based on incorrect information from you.

But if it makes you feel better to say all that, then go for it. I’ll stop replying. Going to sleep anyway. Good luck.


Probably support thought you’re in a supported region for asking help with the linking.

Most of the users take for granted to be it, and call the banner that pops out at the linking process an “error”, but it’s not.

yea, probably.
so i guess in other words, malaysian citizens are left out in the lurch.


I suggest to leave Brave. simple as that. lol

You can, but you won’t find another browser that pays you for surfing. I understand the frustration to not be able to withdraw your earned BAT, but the project is way more, and especially in mobile environment there’s nothing like Brave. Before using it I had to keep an heavy app in background to act as an adblock for Chrome (android), redirecting all the traffic through a VPN making all searches very slow. Today, 2 years after, still no other mobile browser comes with an built-in adblock or with the option to install as an extension.

I have the same problem in France! Unable to transfer my proofs to Uphold and Gemini is non-existent! Error message telling me to try later! if it’s just to finance profiteers I reset my wallet and no one will benefit!
J’ai le même problème en France ! Impossible de transférer mes BAT sur Uphold et Gemini est inexistant ! Message d’erreur me disant d’essayer plus tard ! si c’est juste pour financer des profiteurs je réinitialise mon portefeuille et personne n’en profitera !

@Reine66 you need to create your own topic, especially when yours is not related to the issue here. They are in Malaysia which is unsupported country, you are in France which is a supported country. Two different topics. That said, I’ll give you the general response.

Have you ever had a passport or other document from a different country?

Issue that has been occurring with a lot of people is a mismatch between KYC. Uphold sometimes can be content with just updating the mailing address and submitting those documents, but Brave isn’t. What happens is the API communicates between Uphold and Brave about your information. The crazy part is Brave staff can’t access it, but the system does.

So what could be happening is it’s seeing your prior passport for whatever country you were in and it’s telling you it’s an unsupported region based on that. Unless/until that’s updated between their systems, you’ll likely have this problem.

Part of the reason for it is because it’s an extra layer of fraud protection. It’s easy to fake a mailing address but harder to get official government licenses/passport.

If you need to submit new passport/government ID from your current country, you will need to create a support ticket with Uphold at at (according to their support article at )

You always can try to reach out to Brave’s support as well, by doing a support ticket at but Brave will be limited on what they can do if it’s something that needs changing on Uphold’s end.

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I see. just try Vivaldi.

As the total BAT tokens received can come from multiple websites revenue, how do we check the quantity that came from each website?

I suppose you talk about the creator account, in that case your main page shows every site you’ve connected, and beside the amount earned by each.