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I have successfully created both an Uphold and a Gemini account, only to find out, when I try to link Brave Rewards with either Gemini or Uphold, my country region is not supported. South Africa is NOT on your list of supported regions yet. BUT, it is neither on the Non-supported lists. Which begs a question? Why is South Africa missing on both the Supported Country/Region list as well as the Non-supported Country/Region Lists?

How can I secure my BAT Rewards at the moment? By when will Uphold/Gemini( or any other Brave Wallet) be available for us enthusiastic Brave users in South Africa?

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You can find further info in the following post.

I just want to take time and want to create a healthy discussion on this topic. I have recently noticed that brave rewards are stopped for certain countries. The browser is working fine and also are uphold and Gemini wallets in respective countries. No reason for the same is given. The entire purpose of brave browser was transparency, power to the users which is somewhat missing in this saga. I really feel brave is just another Google who is using its power to exploit less developed countries by treating them as their product. Brave has the function of brave wallet but It’s own token can’t be withdrawn from it, instead we had to use uphold and gemini which creates monopoly just like google. I am quite disappointed with this behavior and an going back to use google. My logic is that google is at least not pretending or doing fake promises like brave.
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This topic has been discussed one thousand times.
First of all, if you know the basics about crypto, you know that distributing rewards via the Brave wallet is not easy because those transactions are done on-chain. While the distribution of BAT via Uphold is done off-chain. The transaction fees would be higher than the value of the distributed rewards. Ask this question to yourself, would you pay 50 dollar in fees to transfer 5 dollar worth of BAT?

Second, there is the trouble of regulations. Independently of distributing via Uphold or via a wallet, distributing rewards has legal implications. Every country has different regulations and different requirements. It is not easy to implement a procedure that complies with all. That’s why Brave is trying to bring the countries back one by one.
You also need to understand that regulations are different for distributing rewards and trading. Uphold and Gemini have license to operate in some countries as an Exchange, to trade crypto. However, what Brave is doing is distributing part of its ads income. This falls out of the concept of trading and is regulated by different laws and different authorities in most countries.

Last, but not the least. Brave was facing the issue with fraudulent activities. Brave is trying to find a way that allows distributing the rewards in a safe and fair manner. Certainly you already read in this forum about fake accounts, sold accounts, false KYC. Until they find a way that avoid these scams, many countries will remain blocked.

Note: I mentioned mainly Uphold because Gemini is at the moment restricted to US only.

@rodrige , thank you for the detailed reply about Gemini/Uphold and our need to be patient. Appreciate you taking the time to explain it for the nth time. In the meantime I will collect my BAT and wait.
Its just that the “unverified” in my Brave account is a sore eye and makes me feel like less of a member( though very new to Brave- I literally came to Brave through a Crypto webinar I attended).

Alas, I will be patient as advised.

Warm Regards.

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