I’m feeling that Brave is not being respected for user privacy, unfair, discriminatory…

I don’t think you can tell either until your CFO post the Brave’s financial public. Unless you are okay to post your financial here. I don’t really mine to take back my comment. So your claim on strong ad revenue is unjustified either.

oh yes, ad is so strong showing on my browser, but you guys have NOT paid me for 2 months, and I am flagged. When I emailed your support, you guys told me I am permanent ban. I asked why I am ban but the ad still showing on my browser. Your support is ignoring me.

it’s wrong that you think I’m wrong, kkk, I don’t want to argue with you anymore let’s all judge.
and equality is for the whole, not for the few.
I am a user, who are you in this forum we all know. So what I have to do is stop talking, and let other users judge

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Also, I am not here to argue with you about brave’s financials. In fact, it is okay for a company to struggle a bit during such times. I hardly see anyone saying that they are doing well in today’s environments.

I am here to reply tdtmod’s comment. I truly appreciate someone openly criticizing and tackling the issue. I think his comment is fair and reasonable, and many users are seeing the problem, including me. What you do is blindly defend the company but not confront the actual problem that really pissed me off. I don’t think that is a good way to grow your company by ignoring your users’ comments and issues.

I probably use Brave way before you join the company. I was on the beta version way before Brave issued the BAT token. I use it because I believe in Brendan Eich’s vision and support it.

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Brave’s policy is not to tell anyone. They used to advise people of what happened, but then they had too many who used the information to try to game the system. Such as “if your IP and Locale don’t match, then it can get you flagged.” Then people was like, “Okay, let me change my Locale and use a VPN to change the IP address, now I can circumvent regional ad restrictions!”

Obviously was more to it than that, but it just got to the point where Brave made sure that there’s a delay before flagging and there’s no hint to let people know how they got caught. One thing that can pretty much be certain though is if they don’t reverse the flag, then it means they are confident you were gaming the system and violating terms.

It shouldn’t, to my knowledge. So that would be interesting. Of course, nothing to stop you from turning off Brave Ads so they aren’t shown and disabling Sponsored Images so they don’t show on NTP. Then you also always have the choice of creating a new Profile and using Rewards through it. Accounts tend to just be flagged on a local level for the time being. Not sure when or if they’ll change it. But there’s not really any good way to be able to block anyone permanently.

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I never “joined the company.” I’m a User. Been using Brave since 2018. Just been active on Community is all and help people, which is why I have the Community Ninja badge/title.

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Agreed. I just was trying to offer corrections on some things said. Often people get upset and then jump to conclusions or phrase things improperly in the moment. I’m not taking away from opinions. Only was trying to make sure we’re all able to be factual in what we’re saying.

I have been using brave for 4-5 years, I like it very much, but in the past 1 year I see many unreasonable policies, if I want to develop further, I think brave needs to have a vision and adjust policies. and we can see financial reports, users… we can see that not what they say, in fact right from the number of reported visits….

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Well, I never game the system, and I am permanently banned now with the ad continues showing.

TBH, I don’t really care anymore, and it is a tiny bit of a BAT. Since I am banned and had done nothing wrong, I start losing confidence in Brave’s fraud system and policy. Eventually, I will move on if Brave does not show significant improvements and tackle users’ issues and fix that reward problem. So you guys can keep my unpaid BATs.

I am here to praise OP for openly criticizing Brave’s problems, which I also see as a critical issue for Brave’s growth.


They are not a public company, and they don’t need to show. So, this would only be a voluntary process. I rarely see a few non-public companies(non-govt) show their financials.

The nature of the problem is all too obvious. The decline in advertising campaigns also shows the problem. company capitalization…

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but the main issue I want to talk about here is not about their finances. I mean the policy and the way they treat users is unfair

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In the end, it is all about money, and I don’t disagree with some of Saoiray’s comments. Regulations do play a role in some countries’ bans, but I disagree with how Brave handles the issue. They try to push the problem onto users, which is not a user’s problem obviously. When users earned their BATs, this is their BATs. Brave has to completely pay the users first before cutting off, or at least hit their exchange wallet account. Now, many users are in limbo with their BATs between brave browser and exchange wallet.

If there is a country ban, they have to notify users way ahead that the Brave reward will be completely cut off and their BAT will be fully paid to their exchange wallet. After that, no ad will be shown and the exchange wallet will be completely cut off.

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That’s right, I agree with your point. Their policies and statements are not the same

Thing is, Brave is paying. Keep in mind payments are to your Rewards. Even if places like Uphold/Gemini can’t be linked anymore, they are doing their part when they pay it to your browser. Even restricted countries are still earning and receiving payments.

Anyone who had been linked prior would have received their payments. In fact, it kept people connected despite countries no longer being supported. Every time support was withdrawn, it was for people reconnecting or connecting new devices. So long as Rewards stayed connected/verified, people continued receiving payouts to Uphold/Gemini.

You’d be accurate in saying Brave has not done the best job of communicating with everyone though. This is still something I’ve been mentioning to Brave. They post on Reddit or here on Brave Community, but those postings can be easy to miss and not everything is using those services. Ideally they should have had a notification pop-up on windows or be displayed on New Tab Pages. This is one huge area where Brave is severely lacking, which is communication.

Word choice here can be interesting. Legally, they don’t have to give any notice. It’s all in the Terms and all, which most people navigate to and read. So in that, they don’t “have to” notify anyone way ahead.

I will agree with you if we change that to, “I think they should give longer notice” or something of that sort. Again though, they kind of have by allowing existing Users to stay connected even after they withdrew support. Challenge there though was many didn’t know support had been removed, so their first experiences were when they no longer could connect and then looked for support.

Strongly agreed with that. The communication part is a mess from what I see.

I am not sure you are aware of that. The wallet linking will be disconnected once in a while, and you have to relink them. So, which means people will eventually lose their connection.

The term is implicit and vague, and many people would not even waste time reading them because it usually tells nothing but just favors the company itself, not the users. Users will never be protected from any of those terms and conditions such as unpaid or limbo BATs, and this is part of the reason why OP claiming unfair. For the country to be removed from Brave reward, it has to be explicit and clearly whitten with sufficient guidelines and standards to follow. Any unpaid bat has to go back to users and ensure hitting their exchange wallet with sufficient time to withdraw them before the complete cutoff.


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Guess where I’m focused on specifics, this is where I’m saying is wrong. It’s not removed from Rewards. All countries are still available. The issue has been with custodial partners. In all decisions it either starts with Brave, Uphold, Gemini, or governments. Each impacted country has had different origins.

For example, Philippines, Vietnam, Venezuela and Gemini lost support from Uphold and Gemini, therefore Brave has nothing they can do about it. Russia, Ukraine, and others also lost support but due to government sanctions while the whole Russia/Ukraine war is going on.

As for other countries, each one has origins somewhere that nobody is telling us. Brave has said it’s Uphold on some things while Uphold said it’s not true and pushed it back on Brave. The challenge is there’s absolutely no way for any of us to know who is telling the truth. What’s interesting is both could be telling the truth, for example if Brave and Uphold were renegotiating the contract and the service issues resulted in that. I doubt it’s a situation like that, but just going to show how have to think outside of the box and know there’s always potential for little things we don’t tend to consider.

Yeah, I’m aware. That’s why I phrased things the way I did in the prior post:

Also, not sure if you’ve ever seen, but I’ve been quite active in speaking with Brave and trying to share updates all during this process. Hence by long topic over at PSA: Unsupported Region where I’ve been trying to provide at least weekly updates.

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Anyway, that was a good discussion, and I hope the Brave community keeps the discussion open for all and stops overprotecting the company. Many of them come here for a reason because they have a problem, including me. Always listening to users’ comments, and criticism sometimes is the best way to improve the product.

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same as you and i feel the same

I believe there are many people like us, they just don’t say it

Dude you are loosing your mind like someone just farted in your face :joy:

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