Brave Rewards - India

Dear Brave Creators,

I am writing to request that you come on any platform to provide insights on the current issue that many people in various regions are experiencing with not being able to withdraw their Basic Attention Token (BAT). This issue is causing significant concern and frustration for many users, and we would greatly appreciate any information and perspective that you can provide on the matter.

In particular, it would be helpful to understand the reasons behind this issue and what steps are being taken to address it. It would also be useful to have a timeline for when users can expect to be able to withdraw their BAT again. As a loyal user of the Brave browser and a fan of your work, I believe that you have a unique understanding of the technical and logistical challenges involved in managing a digital currency like BAT. Your insights and expertise would be invaluable in helping to shed light on the current situation and provide reassurance to users who are affected by this issue.

I understand that you are busy and have many demands on your time, but I hope that you will consider this request and find a way to share your insights with the community. I am confident that your perspective and guidance would be greatly appreciated by many people who are currently struggling with this problem.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hey, there’s a lot of info at the PSA →

To be frank, there’s no timeline as such. Even they don’t know when countries will be added back. As far as I know, in the last few Community calls, they’ve always said India is on top priority.

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