Brave rewards not supported in South Africa

This might be a duplicated topic but for some reason my Brave rewards hasnt been working for +2 months. The country is supported so no I seem to be having a hard time trying to figure out what is causing it to fail. I tried testing on both Gemini and Uphold on Windows, MacOS, IOS and Android and keep getting the same pop up. I was testing off VPN and on VPN and getting the same result on my personal computer.

Please let me know if this is being looked into please.

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It is.

Because Brave has stopped supporting most countries around the world. They have paused the ability to link Rewards with Gemini or Uphold. This is meant to be temporary as they solve a lot of issues regarding government regulations, sanctions, compliance, and fraud.

Plenty of posts on Brave Community, Reddit, Brave Support, and other places that advise of this. For example:

And you’d easily found it if you just tried to search for it. On Brave Community, hit the search glass button Brave doesn't let me access my rewards, please help - Brave Community - Brave 8_30_2022 3_56_44 PM and type in what you want to look for. If you had put in “Unsupported Region” which is what it gives you, then you’d have seen something like:

And if you went to Google and typed in something like Brave Unsupported Region you would have seen results too:

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It is not supported in almost any country anymore.

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