ERROR: region not supported (after 2 years working)

After almost 2 years working flawlessly Im getting this today, I wonder if manually removing Global ID from my uphold account has something in common.

If doesn’t exist a solution for this, I will request the deletion of my uphold account and will uninstall brave browser forever, last payments are so disappointing that it doesn’t worth the effort to use it.

Hi @sircam thanks for posting,

Please be advised for the future that it would be best to fill in the template provided for #brave-rewards so that either Brave Support or a Community member can best assist you.
In the case of the message you are seeing, please see the below of posts that has information on the matter.

Changes to regional restrictions when verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial partner

If you are experiencing issues with receiving your payouts please submit a ticket to our support form which you can find here.

Thank you

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