My reward has not arrived in my account

hello, i am a turkey user. I cannot connect to my uphold account due to uphold problems. As a matter of fact, it is stored as a Local account, but my reward is not in my wallet even though it says your reward has arrived.

As of now Uphold/Gemini are not supported for verification. Also in the screenshot I can see your rewards is disconnected from Uphold/Gemini. If it disconnected before 1st September you should get a claim button and you won’t be receiving it in your Gemini/Uphold account.

Brave is working to get workable regions supported for verification by the end of the year, you can get updates from the page below →

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Brave rewards didn’t go to my wallet, here is the problem. I wonder if it didn’t reach anyone?

Yes, many people haven’t been getting the claim button as of now (including me). Brave has addressed this issue and is working to have it solved soon.

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Interesting, I managed to click through “claim” and the completed the following steps, but the distribution of BATs was different from the stated amount. I wonder if others are having similar issue(s)?

Could you be a bit more specific? Like you received less or more?

Less for both July and August

Yes, it has been noticed that unverified wallets receive less earnings than compared to Verified ones

Both Brave browsers (accounts) have been verified, and I have had no trouble in the past (before July).

Oh okay. Probably it’s from brave’s side. Noone knows what’s going on
@rodrige @Chocoholic @Aman_M
Please help


Sorry, all I know is that there is still an issue for some users and Brave is investigating. As in the past, the following applies:

  1. Wait for payout processing for your particular Rewards wallet to complete. Right now, only Uphold verified Rewards are complete. Gemini and unverified Rewards wallets are still processing. If you dismissed the banner posted globally each month, you can access the topic using this link: Brave Ads Payout status

  2. Once processing is complete and you still have a payout problem (no claim button, payout less than expected, payout not deposited in verified custodial account, etc.) then submit a request for support to investigate using the form linked below.

I too am experiencing the “no claim button” on two of my unverified profiles in the Release version. They are test profiles and the amounts are small so I’m not going to worry about them. I did not have any problems with payouts on any of my default profiles (both verified and unverified) in any version (Release, Beta, Nightly).

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Same here. The Brave browser shows “Congrats! Your August rewards have arrived!”, but not claim button at all.

Mine is Uphold, and I did not receive me this monthly rewards. Any suggestions?

@xuanling11 If your country is supported for Brave-Uphold connections and you have not received your September payout (August Estimated Rewards), then all you can do is submit a request for Brave support to investigate.

You can check if your country is supported for Brave-Uphold connections here:
Supported regions for verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial account provider.

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i have the same issue no rewards arrived from 2 monthes this month and past month

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