Account verified but pending [UPHOLD - BRAZIL]

Hi, I’m a brave browser user in Brazil, recently (2 days ago) I checked my account by uphold I wanted to withdraw my BATs but it appears that it is pending.
The following message appears: There is a temporary problem with the Uphold verification. Your Brave Rewards will remain in a pending state and retry will be performed automatically, but you can also try again later.

How do I solve? I want to withdraw my 10 dollars

Brasil has been suspended at the moment. Brave is working to bring it back.
Please follow the updates in the following post.

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ooooo i didn’t noticed that post, i will close my post and keep it here, same thing but i already received a payout today. but still showing pending

yeah, yeah… I´ve heard the same before when this same problem happened with Gemini Wallet, today the only region supported by Gemini is USA, I think that uphold is going the same way.

So far so good, UpHold reconnected. wondering about Gemini by now :slight_smile:

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