Can not get my bat earnings to uphold

I have bat rewards, and now I cannot get bit to Uphold wallet. Error says country not supported, but this is the first time this is happening,
How can I get my rewards?

There’s literally so much info regarding this already there on this forum, all you have to do is to search.
So to answer you, you must be in a region currently unsupported for verification of rewards.
Check the supported countries here

Also check out the PSA - Unsupported region. for more info

I am from South Africa, did see on a list that South Africa is ok, but still cannot verify to get bat tokens
See this list

Mate, that list is for ‘Countries having active Brave rewards campaigns’. Basically most regions are still earning BATs, the only difference is that, many regions are not supported for verification of BATs apart from the 20 listed on the page I linked above. So you will be earning BATs only you won’t be able to cash them.

I see, But why suddenly can I not do it, I did it every month, and now this happens for ocktober

Things change with the going time. Rules & regulations do as well, so does the number of scams and frauds. Previously maybe Brave let all this go, but now it’s costing them money and maybe some legal actions, therefore they’ve stopped verification for many countries. Also most of the countries they had paused were because of Scams & Frauds regarding BATs.

You can actually see what Brave’s team has to say regarding the same. See it here.
You can also keep yourself updated by checking out this.

Thank you for the information and links, I am so sick and tired of scammers, will try nightly version and see if that will help

I don’t think that will help. It’s because Brave doesn’t support Your region. No Version of Brave will help as long as your region is unsupported.

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