Venezuelans in Brave - Brave, please help us!

Uphold and Gemini closed operations in Venezuela due to the difficulties related to sanctions. There are thousands of Venezuelans (this friend of yours included) who later than July 30, won’t be able to receive their rewards. I´m writing this message in order to request Brave a solution. Could anybody from Brave help us? Anticipated thanks for your comments, questions, and answers.

I would like to know if the people affected by this operation shutdown will receive the bats accumulated in june back, 'cause in my case there was 3 bats that disappeared from my connected devices and were not received by uphold.

No immediate solution, mate. You will only be able to link Uphold/Gemini when Brave is in a situation to let Venezuela connect again (Rules & regulations being followed, Fraud detection getting better and a whole other things). That said, there really isn’t much that anyone can do. You will still receive BATs but in your rewards wallet. You won’t be able to withdraw them cause they’ll be in the Browser and not crypto wallet of Uphold/Gemini.
You will have to claim them every month when you get a claim button.

Also more updates are there in the PSA →

UPDATE : Brave can’t add Venezuela again even if they wanted to. This is because it is that Uphold has stopped supporting the region.

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Thank you! I was thinking of a solution where the Brave Wallet could be involved.

Thank you very much for your answer. Well, We should wait, then.

Jorge, concentrate on coins that are not centralized or controlled by centralized companies. BAT is a prisoner of centralization and therefore does not fulfill the vision that crypto is supposed to solve, and becomes useless the moment someone upstairs decides it’s time to shut it down. I live in the West and don’t engage in BAT outside of donating it to the sites I frequent because I refuse to strip naked for some corporation to allow me the privilege of giving them my money to hold for me.

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