Region support or not

I am from India and India is still unsupported but last night I try to verify, and my brave profile actually verified.

India is supported or not.???


Does it show that your rewards is verified?
If not then India still isn’t connected.
The authorizer message actually means that Uphold now can connect to Brave and vice versa

@Sanskar can you send a screenshot of your Rewards Panel? Does it show that the wallet is Verified?

Now I uploading three screenshots.

  1. Brave reward page.

  1. When I try to go in dashboard

3 . Uphold integration page




Well, @Sanskar, based on that it seems you’re connected. Whether it means you stumbled upon it and it’s fixed, but it hadn’t been communicated yet OR you somehow slipped through a “crack” and it let you verify even when not supposed to.

ok what should i do now

  1. should i disconnect?
  2. Can the account be flagged on this basis?
    3.Or should I wait for the next payment cycle?
    Anyone provide clarification

#@Saoiray , #steeven

Note : verified in past 03.04.2022

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@steeven @Mattches @SaltyBanana please look into this. Thanks!

Does that BAT show up in Uphold?
I don’t know if that will help troubleshoot but I’m just curious

No but now I able to tip a creater using my allready deposit uphold balance .


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Umm you could do that even if you were unverified. Being unverified Simplifies tipping since the tips don’t become cross - custodial wallet tipping.
I think this is a glitch. It shows you’re verified but in the system or API end it really isn’t. Don’t know if I’m right though

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Ah, @Sanskar you had previously been verified with Uphold?

Yes But unfortunately fully disconnected ( brave+uphold) in 8 August 2022.

Note:- my two friends also tried to verify and he was actually verified. And he was first time user.

Friends Verifietion time
18.42 (26.10.2022)
And 20.13 ( 26.10.2022)


Maybe it’s possible but what about uphold integration page showing connected. Both side glitch.

Uphold will show you integrated even if you are not connected to Brave rewards.
It’s actually just to show what all sites or products can communicate with your Uphold account

Still waiting for clarification.

@steeven @Saoiray .

Hi @Sanskar, no need for you to disconnect at this point. Can leave as is.

If your Brave Rewards profile was connected to your Indian Uphold account back when India used to be supported, then you can connect to your Indian Uphold account again on the same Rewards profile. I think that’s what happened here.

However, on any new Rewards profile/device, you won’t be able to connect unless you’re in a supported region.

Well, I’m unable to even though I’m using the same rewards profile.

Can you PM me your brave://rewards-internals (general info + event logs)? Thanks. @SmartyAadi