Unsupported region BE

I live in Belgium for 20 years and have a verified account since 2019 with my Belgian ID card, but my nationality is Polish. Your system is retarded


I guess I would have refrained from using ‘RETARDED’.

i wouldnt. it is, as in mentally handicapped (designed by)

It’s actually a bit disturbing to hear in this age.

Also Belgium is supported for verification with Uphold. Also if you had connected to Gemini priotlr to the unsupported region things, you can connect to Gemini again.
Got this info here

disturbing? how so?
i have both gemini and uphold but neither works. Im guessing its because of my nationality, thats why its retarded, I live and pay taxes in belgium

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Did you verify your Uphold / Gemini account with docs from other country which isn’t supported ?

no, I used belgian ID card and belgian proof of residence

Could you check with Uphold if anything is still remaining?

I still have my tiny funds on uphold and it works correctly. I asked their support and they told me to ask brave support…

Contact Brave Support here.

Contact Brave Support here.

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