Not gaining BAT even after seeing ads

Hi Support,
I had to reset my windows install and saved the bravebrowser folder before reinstalling like I always do, but this time I got my older brave balance but newer ads show up without adding any rewards.

Here is the screenshot
Here ads received this month number goes up but the current earning this month stays — like this only.

Try connecting to Uphold / Gemini. It will start the earnings if you’re in a region listed at

I can’t connect to uphold because of the region issue, so I was waiting for that buy keeping my bat in browser only.

Things is the ads viewed number goes up and I don’t get awarded any BAT.
Here is a ss of past viewed ads

Yes, you won’t earn until connected to Uphold / Gemini.

But before this windows reinstall, I was earning just fine even without connecting to a custodial wallet?

The changes took place on 7th February or so, when Brave updated to 1.48.X.

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@Elix3r As you’d see if you read the links that SmartyAadi provided, Brave has done away with vBAT earnings. Whenever you were unverified, Brave allowed people to earn vBAT, which stands for Virtual Basic Attention Token. These were like customer rewards points and contained no value. The only thing you could use them for was tipping or other services within Brave. Once you then verified with a custodial partner, such as Uphold, those vBAT would be converted to BAT.

Brave had originally intended to only let vBAT exist for about a year, but they’ve kept it much longer. It’s finally hit the end of the timing where they just can’t logically keep it around. It’s creating a lot of issues, not only in how people are abusing it and committing fraud but also in their ability to keep proper accounting and transparency. This is because as people uninstalled Brave, reset Rewards, etc then Brave doesn’t know if that vBAT still exists or is gone.

So with all of that combined, Brave is sunsetting vBAT. It’s starting with the idea you can’t earn BAT anymore unless you’re connected to a custodial partner. Then around April, it will go to the next phase which is all vBAT will no longer be able to be used.

As stated, that’s the current phase. If you’re not connected to a custodial partner, then you won’t earn BAT for yourself. They will still have passive earning where each ad you watch will create BAT on the back end that will be auto contributed to Creators, but that’s about it. So you’ll have to decide if you want to leave Rewards on to support Creators and Brave, despite not earning for yourself, or if you’re going to turn off Rewards until you’re able to connect to a custodial partner and start earning for yourself again.

Thanks for the detailed answer, is India going to be a supported region post April update?
I assume I am losing all the accumulated vBAT till now?

Also any other way to connect to custodial wallet? say by changing location?

Short answer = they are trying

You might want to check out PSA: Unsupported Region as I constantly provide updates whenever we hear more. You’ll see where I actually shared update and talked about India last week, even.

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