@brave #india Brave browser not supported in India, Showing problem since months

@brave #india Brave browser not supported in India, Showing problem since months
:unamused:Will you guys do it a little sooner, it’s been a long time, bring it to India soon

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The good news is we’re making progress with Uphold and hopefully will have Brazil, India, and other countries turned on soon. We’re just waiting for Uphold to finish up a few things surrounding fraud.

The above Was commented by Jimmmy Secretan, the head of Brave rewards.
Got this info from the PSA unsupported regions

I talked with uphold support, they told that region is not supported by brave at least let us login and link wallets for verified users as like after a month it automatically disconnects or shows error to connect again for

If you had connected to Gemini prior to the unsupported region error then you can connect back.
Regarding Uphold, Brav says it’s gonna be back soon. Don’t know when tho…

Are you some kind of internal member of brave community if not then please don’t reply answer on someone’s posts until you are 100% sure and if yes then please let know the approx. time this condition will be resolved

No. I am not a ‘INTERNAL MEMBER’. I am just a user like you. Stop being rude to someone who’s trying to help you. Dumb attitude. Anyway no one from Brave knows when Uphold will be back cause it’s UPHOLD who is working on stuff not BRAVE (From Brave’s side we’re good to go but UPHOLD is still working on issues surrounding fraud). So Brave will only be able to allow verification once UPHOLD gives the nod.

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No one even from rewards team can tell you. Even Rewards management don’t.

Also you can get more info at

Rude!! not cool man it was a request, there is a “please” in the reply without any capitals , I guess you are having DUMB ATTITUBE here (this is called to be rude).Anyway ,I had talked with Uphold customer services they told me it was brave holding back the supported regions for login and this talk was done before posting here. So I guess we will get the answers when we will get the answers and don’t take someone’s no as rejection keep doing good work. Thank you

I am just stating facts. According to Brave, work from Brave’s end is done, it’s Uphold which is still working around stuff surrounding frauds. You can find it in the bits at PSA: Unsupported Region

Im sorry if you thought I was being rude! :slight_smile:

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