Slovakia (Slovak republic, EU) supported by Uphold not possible to connect to Brave rewards

in the past everything worked (more or less) perfectly with Brave BAT rewards.
My region is Slovakia/Slovak republic which is an EU country and eurozone country as well.
I have f u l l y verified Uphold account and no problem logging into it,
but I cannot connect it with Brave awards as it says your region currently not supported. This list does not list Slovakia:
But when I contacted Uphold support they told me Slovakia, Slovak republic (EU country) is fully supported and no problem with my Uphold account.

Brave can you please fix somehow this?

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Slovakia is supported by Uphold. It is not supported to connect to Brave rewards to Uphold / Gemini. You already have the answer. Brave is working on getting regions back as soon as possible but there’s no timeline. Any updates about unsupported regions are updated at

Hi, can you please explain the logic behind it cause I fail to see any?
Supported and verified in Uphold, had my wallet connected in the past and all working fine and now - all of a sudden - Brave cannot support Slovakia (EU) country? Uphold told me to contact Brave support for issue as they claim it is a bug on your side…

@bravipo this is more or less pertaining to regulations and how Rewards works. Brave is working with Uphold to bring back countries, but they have some extra tasks to have to complete. It is taking much longer than any of us would expect it to be and unfortunately Brave won’t give specific details.

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