Brave removes uphold & Gemini walltes for India People

Hey brave team,
I am from india and now the problem with me is that i am unable to connect to either gemini or uphold wallet to either to my brave browsers nor to my brave creators dashboard. It saying that i am in unsupported country.

So my question is that if you remove INDIA as a supported country then how we can withdraw the earned BAT tokens from your browsers wallets?? There is no option for all india people to withdraw these BAT tokens.

Kindly share some helpful option so that i can withdraw my BATs or introduce some new platform for indians so that we can withdraw these BAT tokens

You can’t. That’s why it is called “unsupported region”. :slight_smile:

Brave is working in bringing India back. It may take a while though. Until then, just hold your BAT. You will be able to cash it out when India is supported again.


same situation here
When will you release web3 wallet?


If you keep spamming the Community, im afraid I’ll have to raise a flag on your account.

Hey buddy. I’m from India as well.
I can understand your frustration, trust me, I really do.
Since India is unsupported, we can’t withdraw BATs, we’ll have to keep them in the browser till India is supported and then we can connect to Gemini/Uphold.
Also, if you had Gemini connected to a rewards profile before this unsupported region issue started then you can connect back to Gemini again. New profiles still cant be connected. They’re working on that.

Right now, the work from Brave’s side is done. Brave is all set to Support India. Uphold is still working on stuff surrounding fraud therefore they haven’t supported India again yet. That should be soon though. No timeline though. Hopes are that by 2023 most workable regions will be back.

I got this info from PSA (Unsupported Region)

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