Bat reward missing from gemini

Earlier my BAT rewards were going to Gemini, now Gemini says no service in Thailand. My BAT rewards from June 20222 - October 2022 is all missing. Please advise me I want to disconnect from Gemini and find another wallet that support Brave rewards.

Your country is not supported at the moment.
Your only option is to keep accumulating rewards in your browser until it is supported again. It may take long time (months?) though.

Thank you for replying.
But no idea how long, like many months or year?

Shouldn’t be missing. If you go to Gemini’s website and login, you should see everything is still there.

Brave already has cut the connection between Brave and Gemini for your region and many others. In fact, just yesterday they announced they are limiting connections to Gemini to only United States for a while. (Though they claim is only for new people trying to verify/connect to Gemini, but we shall see).

In any case, we have no idea what’s going on. For the longest time, they had been saying the goal is to add all countries again by the end of the year. However, there’s been lots of delays and we seem to be removing countries more than we’re adding.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any. We only have Uphold and Gemini at this time, both of which are prevented from being linked to by Brave for the moment.

Unfortunately not. As I said, they said they were going to have Brazil and India added in just a matter of weeks, but now it’s been months. We have no idea what problems are happening or who is at fault, all we know is Brave is saying they are working as quick as possible to add everyone again.

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