It didn't affect my bat token and your ship was deleted

Hello there,

My brave token rewards have not been credited to my Gemini account and are not showing up anywhere, what should I do?

Makes several requests but does not respond, all very nice. Will it be the same this month?


You should raise a ticket I guess.
Raise one here

The tokens are paid only on the 8th of each month.

You can follow the status here:

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@uguruzun This is because you won’t be able to receive your BAT to Gemini. Turkey is not a country supported for linking to Gemini or Uphold at this time. You should be receiving the BAT to your device where it will be stored. If your prior payments are not arriving to your device, then you need to submit a support ticket and make sure that you explain that no Claim button has arrived and you’ve not been able to receive payments to your device.

DO NOT MENTION GEMINI. The reason I say this is because your country isn’t supported. Once you talk about receiving pay there, that will be the focus and there can be a misunderstanding, which can result in your ticket being closed without resolution.

In regards to Turkey, please see PSA: Unsupported Region and Notice: Wallet Connections are Temporarily Blocked in Turkey and

I’m mentioning Turkey because I believe you said you still live there.

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