¿WHY is Mexico no longer supported for Brave Rewards Donations?

The main questions of this topic are: 1) WHY? 2) If this is going to change, WHEN? (Answers like “we are working on it” are irrelevant).

I’ve notice that many countries are no longer supported in Brave Rewards, among them, Mexico.
This means that if I am a content creator who lives in Mexico I cannot receive rewards from other people, unlike if I lived in the United States where the content would be valued and paid through the rewards.

First of all, this is disappointing. I have been supporting the BAT project for years and promoting the use of the Brave browser, as well as the importance of privacy when browsing the Internet. I believe in the project and I was convinced that there was an alternative to the advertising that bombards us every day until this happened, I can’t explain myself why they removed the rewards from some countries, ironically, from those who use and need them the most.
Now, not even Wikipedia is registered, that’s right, if you wanted to donate to the Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia) to contribute to your project, you couldn’t thanks to these actions. Every time I invited someone to use the browser, I used Wikipedia as an example of the altruism that ordinary Internet users should have with content creators (the idea is not that you collect, but that you donate).

I really want an answer: WHY!?. Users should never have to manually look for this kind of information. Even if you go on the Community forums, the announcements about this are buried so deep people are unlikely to find them, anyway, nobody says “WHY”.

As I already said, I have been using the browser for years and following the project, I am actually convinced that it can be an alternative to a healthier and fairer Internet browsing, even BAT was an important part of my investments, however, this is the first time I doubt about the true functionality of the project, because if you are going to discriminate the possibilities of content creators based on their country of residence, using the browser does not make sense; I can install an AdBlock in Google Chrome and “voila”, I would have exactly the same thing that you say you offer. I mean, under what argument do I invite someone to try the browser? How do I explain to him that the project that I am promoting is not useful for him because we live in Mexico?
The message you are giving removing the rewards is that my content is worth less than someone who lives in one of the countries that maintain access to the rewards, and I find it very sad that it is so.

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You know that, Noone has a definite answer about when regions will be restored, right?
You say many regions are unsupported, it’s true but on the other side they brought 18 regions back as well, biggest ones being France, Brazil and Turkey.

All you can do is to wait patiently till Mexico gets supported again.

Also it’s not any kindof racism based on country or whatever else. They stop supporting countries because some just become very hard to manage because of Rules & Regulations, frauds and scams in that region and a lot of other factors.

If you go to

And look into all the bits you’ll get more information about why this problem has occurred and what all has been done till now to get regions back.

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