Brave is slowly falling down?

Instead of getting better it gets worse. Not only is it not a fast browser at all, more and more countries are dropping out when it comes to paying out their rewards. My country of location is Poland. First, I lost the ability to withdraw Bats on Gemini, then a few weeks ago I also can’t withdraw on Uphold. Brave comforts me that I am still collecting prizes, so I can be calm and only give out as tips. It’s not really comforting. In both banks I had to provide my data, but in general I have no use for them at this point.
So what now Brave, will you add a new bank where I will enter my data again and at the end, after a month, my country will leave again? It’s a bit like giving away data with this kind of fun.

@tomtom2 You really haven’t been paying much attention, have you?

  1. You are able to still withdraw to Gemini as long as the device had been verified with Gemini before. The restriction currently on Gemini is no new profiles/devices unless you’re in the United States. All pre-existing are able to link again.

  2. Countries are being added again and they have said the goal is all countries added again by the end of the year. They just added 10 countries this past week.

  3. Yes, they have said there’s another custodial partner that is coming. More information to be shared on that later.

  4. Poland is supported for Uphold. It was one of the countries added again 3 days ago.

I do post weekly updates over at PSA: Unsupported Region which would be helpful for you to go through.

Beyond that, you can just keep an eye out for changes at

I feel exactly the same. Maybe it’s all just about selling data! Suspicious!

I try to be up to date but a few days ago I got a reply from the support on which I based my comment. When you write now that it’s already unlocked, I can’t connect any further because now I’m supposed to be a flagged account. I have already submitted the problem to support and hope it will be solved. However, it does not change the fact about what I wrote that constantly changes require users to give away their personal data. after all, besides the rewards, safe browsing, and a step towards web 3, such a browser shouldn’t be a real data-gathering move. I hope it will change because I am not going to give up on you, but rather I hope it will develop in the right direction.

Not really. Only have to give info to places like Uphold/Gemini if you wish to be able to withdraw BAT. That’s only because of government regulations that demand it. If we could go back to the days when governments weren’t sticking their nose into crypto, you’d be good.

And those places don’t ask for more information than you’d need to provide if opening a bank account anyway (well, here in the United States, I should say).

It’s not. Seriously, tell me what data you think is being collected/gathered.

Ok, hopefully you did a support ticket and they can move on that pretty quickly.

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