Why does Brave not take care of users from Germany regarding the payment of BAT?

I don’t know how to start this topic, except to say that it is very shameful that the Brave organization still did not take care of the users from Germany who use the Brave browser a lot, but are not able to get the earned BAT. If you’re wondering why, it’s because Uphold and Gemini are not available in Germany, because they don’t have a license. If we investigate these two “platforms” in detail, many will agree that it is a big fraud. Gemini users know what I’m talking about, and Uphold is no better either. That’s why they can’t get a license in Germany. I don’t even know why Brave cooperates with them, when there are many more serious ones than these 2. Read the reviews in the links below.

If Brave is so serious, why doesn’t it allow users in Germany to at least transfer their earned BAT to the BRAVE wallet.
A lot of illogical things here, and if something is not done soon, we are definitely giving up on this.
I’m not speaking for myself, but for all Brave users from Germany.
I would like an explanation.
Thank you.

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It works two ways. Brave cooperates with them and vice versa. Brave is looking to add a third custodial partner soon. Don’t know which one it is yet or when they’ll be added. Brave says it’ll make users very happy though.

They’re working on it. This will just store your BATs on a cloud drive though, you’ll still have to connect to custodial wallets to withdraw out of the browser. They are working to get it somewhere in Q1 2023. The custodial wallets are needed for KYC/AML and since to transfer they need a money transmitters license, which is something Brave atleast as of now isn’t looking to acquire as there are lots of rules and stuff to comply with.

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