"Region not supported" but is supported

Not at this time. They do have a new Exchange they will be adding, but they aren’t telling us any specifics yet. Also no ideas if they will be open to regions that currently are “unsupported” right now or if they will have the same restrictions.

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Is the decision to unsupport countries coming from Brave or Uphold?

My understanding is that it is coming from Brave, as Gemini also has the exact same restrictions with the same list.

Why Brave is no longer the previous supported countries?

I mean, what are the problems that made Brave decide to take away those already supported countries?

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From a logical point i would say it’s not coming from Brave.
As far as Gemini has to go through the KYC process, so they are the ones dealing with sanctions and other kinds of regional/national regulatories.
I think it’s just the other way around.

Brave has the exact restrictions as Gemini.

Either way, it doesn’t make much sense, why should anybody (Brave, Gemini, Uphold,…) cut off a (big) part of their customers?

They’re just following regulations or sanctions and sure are hoping this will change soon. It’s not in their power.


you are talking utter nonsense.
These restrictions come from Brave
because of the high risk of fraud.

@Bananas12 You have any substantial proof for your theory?

Please share it with us!

This is not a theory.
Find a video of Brave developers talking on the forum
In one of their threads posted it.
The primary return will be aimed at India.

It’s a joint decision.

There have been a lot of regulatory changes lately. Various governments have changed how things work for crypto as a result of the ongoing crypto winter. If you click where I linked, you’ll see tidbits of information. Including as such where exchanges like Gemini have laid off employees, losing 18% of their workforce.

Money, regulations, paperwork, business deals, etc. There’s a lot of moving parts behind things like exchanges happening. It’s not like Gemini and Uphold are offering their services and letting Brave connect for free. We don’t incur the cost(s) but Brave pays for things that we don’t see. Add in government requirements and everything else, it can get challenging.

:joy:OK, show me the proof.

Sure i not gonna waste my time on that.

SO what’s gonna happen with my money that I had on Uphold? Who is gonna be enjoying it?

Nobody took Uphold away. Go log in to your Uphold account, it should all be there. The only thing that changed is Brave temporarily stopped the ability for people in regions to connect Brave to Uphold, that’s it.

You still have the control on your exchange funds, just the linking with the browser is no more available so your earnings BAT from now will not be deposited.

Oh, and actually, brand new notice as to 4 hours ago. They have now restricted regions on Uphold even more. I’ll have to look closely (TvTap) but I think it might resemble the Gemini restrictions.

@john1122 There’s no new notice that I’m aware of. Have you just been not keeping track of things going on? If you’re saying there’s some new notice from 4 hours ago, please link it so I can see what you’re talking about.

In the meanwhile, you may want to check out PSA: Unsupported Region

Now I’ve received 8 bat july payment form Brave to my Uphold account

Hello, is there any other exchange where I could withdraw the BAT?

Nope, there aren’t any other options at this time.

Are there any solutions discussed at the moment? My country (France) is not on the list. Could we just use a brave wallet to transfer our BAT instead of playing with exchanges rules? I think we need more transparency here… Whats are the options in the next weeks/months? You’re doing the dirty job, thx for this.

Yours should be up soon, within 2-4 weeks if all goes well. You can keep an eye out for regular updates over at PSA: Unsupported Region

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Thx for your answer. Everything is about trust. Keep up the good work

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