Was logged out of my wallet and can't go back in

I was logged out of my Uphold wallet in Brave, and whenever I try to log back in, I only see the Uphold logo in loading state. If I do try to go to the Uphold site and try to log in there, it is the same.

Windows 10 Pro (21H1) - Brave 1.42.97

I was verified and received payments.

I am not using a VPN.

I am in a supported region. (Brazil)

I can’t access (https://wallet.uphold.com/customer-due-diligence), the same problem mentioned above happens.

Hi @Somar welcome back to Community.

When you are attempting to reconnect your Uphold to Brave Rewards is it not returning an error message or any type of messaging?

Actually, Brazil isn’t on the supported list right now. They had added it again but then moved it back off the list the same night. They’re fixing some issues and hoping to bring Brazil back on soon.

This shouldn’t be a problem. If you haven’t already, try to restart your device and then see if it lets you log in. Sometimes there’s just a little issue there. If it still doesn’t let you, can you try to open in New Private Window and see if you can log in or if it still has the same issue.

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