What is my BAT going?

Since last month all the mess was created by uphold but suddenly restricting some counties due to which I’m not able to transfer my BAT, now I’m not sure where did my july, august and this September balance will go???

Can’t this BAT be directly transferred brave wallet and then to a wallet address of our choise like coinbase or binance.

Now i don’t understand why suddenly (UAE) is not support region? Previously it was working completely fine… Please fix this!!

Hey, please just check the community for such questions… This question in particular has a lot of info already
Sharing a link about updates->

Also as you say letting brave wallet do that. Brave will need to do KYC/AML which is a process which is complex as lots of rules and regulations are in place in this regard.

To answer where your BATs will go, you should see a claim button when you open the browser or if your Uphold/Gemini account hasn’t been disconnected which it does after 90 days I suppose then it should be transferred in that account. Hoping this helps!!

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