BAT Credit Unavailable India Due To Government Restrictions

Due to the government’s certain steps, I believe BAT is unavailable now in India. But I did not understand it totally. The government announced a 30% flat tax on any kind of Crypto profits. Now every month whatever BAT I am earning every month through seeing the ads, I do not see them being added to my Uphold wallet.

Can someone please explain if

  1. These BATs will be added later to the connected Uphold wallet or not? If yes then when & how ?
  2. Also, what will happen to the existing BAT tokens in Uphold Wallet?

Attached a screenshot for the reference…

They only add if connected to Uphold. Click on BAT triangle in search bar and check in rewards dashboard if it shows Uphold verified. Most probably it is unverifed. India is an unsupported region to connect to Uphold / Gemini.
They are working with new custodial partner to bring back India.
when you try to verify you will get ‘Region not supported’ error.

They will be there, safely.

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