Anyone from USA? I need help

Anyone from the USA? with a verified brave creator
I have a few BAT tokens in my brave browser. Since the Brave creator was banned in Pakistan so I could not receive them. IS THERE ANY WAY TO RECEIVE MY BAT tokens to my uphold account?

No. You cannot do anything until Pakistan is restored for verification support.

Also what do you mean when asking if anyone from the USA?

Hi @SmartyAadi , Where are you from?
Is there any solution?

From India.

No solid solution. You’ll have to wait till Pakistan is supported again. Hoepfully that should be soon since Brave has a target of getting msot workable regions back by the end of the year. Work has been going on and sustantial progress has been made with 15 new countries added back just yesterday and total in the last three months being 27 or something I guess.

So, your country added?

Not yet, they say its on top priority though.
You should check the below attached for more info / updates.

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