How can I withdraw my Brave rewards?

@zenithhs That is not because of Tukey/Turkiye, it’s because of you. They have detemined you’re a higher risk and so closed your account. If it was because of the country, they would have send you a notice of that and then advised of a deadline to remove anything in your account.

If you haven’t done so already, I would contact Uphold Support to see if they can review it or if it’s a final decision. I doubt they’ll tell you why, but you could ask them to tell you why if they do say it’s final. Most likely though, they’ll just refer you to their general link with vague reasons.

Unfortunately, if you can’t use Uphold then you don’t have any other options at this time. Brave is looking into alternatives and was working on a new partner almost 5 months ago, but not sure of the status. Most likely, it will be a long time before good news.

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thank you i contact support to unblock

Having the same problem (Romania here). Was receiving the rewards in Uphold since the beginnings and didn’t check for several months, only to see now that I need to verify again which sends me to Uphold or Gemini which are both not supported in my region (I think this is the 1st ever wallet not supported in my country). I wonder what happens to the monthly rewards ? (I get the message that they are being payed but where do they go ?)

PS : I don’t understand why don’t the rewards go directly into the Brave wallet ?!?

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brave rewards you have to choose your own country they suspend the account if not the same

I am Polish citizen but living in UK and it seems I have got a problem with connecting Brave and Uphold. My proof of address is UK, yet ID is Polish. My BAT does not transfer to Uphold simply because this problem. I reset the Brave rewards now, loosing some. Would it be possible to have my BATs to be kept in Brave wallet instead? I am not sure what will happen with Uphold, and don’t want to lose BATs again, if asked to reset Brave rewards.

I solved the problem by going directly to Uphold account and re-verify my ID. Withdrawal went smooth afterwards (Brave rewards still says Uphold unavailable in my region).

hello ,it would be very useful to be able to transfer the brave reward directly into the brave wallet

Probably because you were already a verified account holder before they removed the country from their lists.

what about Germany ?

Not sure buddy. Whenever we’ve aksed about Germany the response hasn’t been like much positive. They were like sure, but even they don’t know when Germany / if Germany will be back.

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what about sri lanka ?
still sri lanka can’t verified

how about indonesia?

Not sure about that either. The only thing I can tell is that they are working on getting most workable regions back. Don’t know when / if that will happen though.

How can I use the monthly rewards and send them where to if my region still can’t be verified at Uphold?

Any idea about India

Sorry to say, but nothing can be done to withdraw the BATs if your region is unsupported. You can tip verified creators if you want to.

Nope. No updates about most regions tbh. All they said is that India is still on top priority. You should read this to get more info →

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Mas Broo dari sekian banyak keluhan tentang REWARDS Brave via Uphold wabil khusus pengguna di Indonesia, jawaban dari Uphold akan selalu mengingatkan pesan “pegguna tidak perlu khawatir, karena penghasilan dari brave rewards akan tetap aman disimpan di akun Uphold. Jadi jika Uphold belum tersedia di negara anda, maka Uphold akan secara otomatis dapat diakses via aplikasi maupun versi Web”. Kira2 gitu jawaban ketika saya kirim email ke Uphold. Jadi kalo mo bisa buka aplikasi Uphold sekedar ingin melihat riwayat transaksi dari Brave Reward, saran saya coba pakai VPN dengan router selain negara yang belum dicover sama Uphold (misal pake ; United State, Belanda), maka otomatis bisa buka domoet Uphold. Ini pengalaman Saya aja. Kurang lebihnya mohon maaf :pray:

ok siap mas bro trima kasih atas pencerahannya…walaupun dr 4 device yg masuk cuman 1…heheheh

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