Brave rewards esta estafando a las personas de Latinoamérica

La verdad es una desilusión brave, no da una solución. Hace dos días recien pude cobrar las recompensas y hoy ya no funciona el servicio. Ustedes les hechan la culpa a Uphold, pero los que ofrecen el sistema de recompensas son ustedes, no Uphold ni Geminis.

You have to do KYC/AML because of government rules & regualtions. Not like Brave had a choice about doing KYC or no.
Anyways. theres alot of other things brave does so rewards is not the only selling point.
They have been working on getting regions back soon. they added around 33 regions in the last 5 to 6 months. So thats quite some progress.

You can also check

for more details.

KYC/AML… I received 2 BAT, what kind of criminal activity can I carry out with that? If they have internal problems they should stop giving rewards for ad viewing until they can get a solid footing. But despite the thousands of complaints they have, the rewards program is still active and they continue to generate money through users. What response do users get: Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working on the issue. Meanwhile, the assets of the users are frozen on the platforms and the money generated by brave through the publications goes to their private accounts. Besos en la cola


Ask that to the governments. And yes, there have been cases where people misued the program and stuff. Also the regulations surround crypto and not only BAT.

Easier thing will be to just opt out. For many of the users, the rewards program still works. Its just a really small percentage of users who face an issue. For unsupported regions though, we are basically out of luck eithr because of our own governments or people who commit scams/frauds.

Lmao. They have a legitimate business, not a charity. Th rewards program works for majority of the people and they get paid in BATs to their Uphold / Gemini accounts.

No. Those are not yours. You did not pay to view ads. well, your attention is a payment but when you were on Chrome, you never complained about ads, did you ?
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@Lissandro Thanks for your opinion. I agree that it’s ridiculous how governments get involved with little things. That said, they are strict enough that even the smallest payment made without following KYC/AML can result in imprisonment, fines, and much more.

I’d also like to point out that much of Latin America have been added. Did you not see Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, and many others are able to link accounts?

As to ads available and how much you earn, that’s based on how many places are paying for ads to be displayed in your area.

I understand you may be in an area where you can’t connect. You’re upset. And it’s your prerogative to complain. All that can be said is Brave is honestly doing all they can to make Rewards available to all areas. Obviously there are limitations, such as regulations and laws to follow. They won’t be able to cater to everyone.

That said, they are a business and will continue to operate in as many places as possible. They won’t “close up shop” just because there’s an issue with one country. There’s the rest of the world to deal with. Rewards are optional and it’s spelled our clearly which countries are support and which aren’t. It’s then up to you whether you wish to participate.

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