Uphold verified

Still not able to verify my uphold account on brave browser i have not been paid on my uphold account sending
screenshot attached . After june no payment received on my uphold account.

Brave 1.42.97 chromium 104.0.5112.102
Samsung S10
Operating system
Android 12 Version

Well, that’s likely because of this. Seems you’re in one of the regions which currently is not being supported. You can learn more at the links below:

I am from india so how it cannot be supported in india.
Saurabh Sehgal

Because Brave removed India, Germany, France, Brazil, and many other countries on a temporary basis. Those countries can still earn BAT but they can’t connect to Uphold or Gemini. You can see all the details about this if you take your time to click and read the links I provided in my prior response. My topic, the PSA: Unsupported Region, will have the most details. You just have to take your time to review everything if you are curious about details.

Sending screenshot attached

So won’t I able to receive my payment in uphold account.

Correct. You won’t be able to receive it in Uphold since it’s been disconnected and your region is currently not supported. They are working right now with a priority for Brazil and then India shortly after. So hopefully it won’t be too long, but we will have to wait and see.

If not added in time, your BAT should arrive as if your device is Unverified, which means you’ll claim it and it will be stored in your browser on the device. If all goes well, hopefully India will be supported again in September.

This is shocking that you have removed from india.

If I am unverified also and claim it so that also won’t be credited to my uphold account.

So I have to wait till September. Abd do the same process to verify the uphold account with brave browser.

Any update on uphold verified on brave browser I am from india when will this issue be resolved?
Saurabh Sehgal

No response regarding uphold verified

@simpleguy Stopped responding because links have been given. Just keep checking PSA article I linked 21 days ago. Obviously India has not been added again yet. You just have to sit back and be patient like everyone else.

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