Why did Brave Rewards stop supporting Brazil?

but in brazil bro dont have any problem with crypto here in brazil can all, unfortunately it’s that lately brave is having several problems and it’s not just in brazil it’s not worldwide. for you to have an idea today brave disconnected my uphold account and I can no longer connect to receive my earnings and without saying that on my cell phone I must be having the same problem and by the way I can’t send my bat to my verified account on my cell phone. is linked in brave creator

the brave don’t let me log in uphold

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Lets wait to see if things will get fixed this week, as informed.


Um conselho. Não use a sua conta Creators para enviar BAT para sí mesmo. Acabará por ser suspenso e perderá tudo.

Apesar do Brasil permitir investir em criptomoedas, compra e venda, receber recompensas tem um tratamento diferente em termos fiscais. Brave está a tratar de conciliar todos os requisitos necessários com Uphold e Gemini para que tudo esteja legal. Mas aparentemente ainda há detalhes (técnicos ou legais) que não estão a funcionar.
Vamos ser pacientes e esperar que eles resolvam todas as dificuldades. Basta pensar que o Brasil foi o segundo país a ter prioridade máxima. Mais de 100 países continuam a aguardar pela sua vez. :slight_smile:

I understand my friend but I have 3 others device And that’s why I send the bat to my YouTube account and I have two friends who also sends but lately is having problems both me and my friends to send the tips to my channel! Anyway I hope you solve these problems soon!

So is there any update?

Not at all. Typically I hear more of an update every Tuesday, but not sure if they’ll say much today either. I guess today’s Community Call is supposed to be more focused on Brave Wallet.

Think I mentioned before, but if you check in on my topic over at PSA: Unsupported Region I’ll typically edit it and reply whenever we know anything more about any country being added again. I try to at least do a weekly update, even if the update is to say that Brave had nothing to tell us.

I once again contacted uphold, they said everything is fine with my account, that it’s just that Brave isn’t supported in the country anymore. The thing is: I know someone who just received his payment from Brave, and he’s in the same country. So why does uphold receive his payment, but not mine?

I’ve already told you that above. I mean, I did say people from Brave said that Uphold needs to turn on some things on their end, but that’s not something normal Support is going to know anything about. That’s something between their developers and engineers.

Because he hasn’t become disconnected. The support is only about connecting again. He may have been able to link when Brave recently had opened Brazil again for a few hours or he had linked prior to Brave stopping support in July.

Users tend to be disconnected every 90-120 days and have to link again then.

UPDATE 09/06/2022

Brave has Brazil situated and is waiting for Uphold to turn in some options and make adjustments on their end. They said that ideally it’s going to be happening within the next few days.

Well, it’s been over a week. Besides Gemini, isn’t there another crypto exchange that Brave could partner with? Or I could leave as a suggestion: allow put to use their own decentralized wallets to receive payments and let them be responsible for whatever mistake they might make.

It’s in the works. They haven’t given any specifics about which custodial it’s gonna be though. I don’t think it’s gonna be any time soon as well… It will I guess in Q1 next year or something (my opinion)

Yeah, and they aren’t giving any more information about what’s going on. I’m greatly disappointed in that and hoping to hear more. That said, I’ve noticed that Support here on Community actually hasn’t been as active as usual. Usually that happens when they pull them off to help fix issues.

Guess I’m expecting the worst but hoping for the best in the situation now.

Boa tarde, tentei fazer hoje a verificação na Gemini e recebi a mensagem que a região não compatível

Lendo aqui as mensagens vi que as duas corretoras tanto a Gemini quanto a uphold
eu não vou conseguir fazer a custódia e não vou conseguir os bats que tenho na conta

Então o que posso fazer?

Tem algum tópico que posso acompanhar para saber como ficará a situação do Brasil nisso?

Para min o principal diferencial do brave com outros navegador é este poder de dividir as recompensas com os usuários.

As atualizações estão sendo feitas neste tópico: PSA: Unsupported Region

A Uphold havia dito que nos próximos dias (isso foi no dia 6 deste mês) que iria dar um retorno para a Brave, mas não efetuou o retorno até agora. Parece que eles também estão tentando fechar parceria com uma outra corretora. De qualquer forma, o jeito é esperar. Acompanhe este tópico e o outro.

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Tá bom! Obrigado

Vou acompanhar

Quero apenas esclarecer que é corajoso o acesso restrito. Não foi o Uphold ou o Gemini. No dia 6, fomos informados pela Brave que eles estavam esperando que Uphold ativasse algumas coisas em sua extremidade. Desde então, ninguém nos deu nenhuma atualização. Eu participo de uma chamada semanal que a Brave tem com os usuários todas as terças-feiras. Se eles não anunciarem nada mais cedo, estarei tentando obter informações mais detalhadas então.

Tudo bem, também estou aguardando. Disponha.

It looks like it’s over to Brazil when it comes to Uphold. They don’t seem to be wanting to reestablish their business in the country.

No no. Uphold still supports Brazil, the region unsupported for rewards verification is from Brave’s side. It’s because of Regional rules & regulations, frauds in the Region and a lot other stuff.

But of course they support accounts in Brazil, but they don’t support Brazilian users from Brave Rewards, and that’s what we’re discussing here, we’re not talking about Uphold allowing/disallowing people from creating wallets from their end.

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