Unsupported Region Error - Uphold

Hi, I used a verified uphold account on Uphold & Brave. I live in Turkey. And connect from Turkey with to brave nightly.

One month ago system worked perfectly and I took rewards monthly. But I see that message.

You’re adding location-based restrictions to brave and cannot support Turkey. Please inform us. Because i don’t know which region is allowed and which region is not.

You mean like they did at:

And their MANY other posts/topics?

Or even how about the one I made for everyone and link to all the time? Which would be:

Unfortunately, people don’t like to search Brave Community or Brave Support site before asking questions. Yours is included, as they answered it but you’re here to say they never informed you or anyone else.

Well, you would if you checked official sources. It’s listed in the links above. Turkey will be added again, but it’s going to be a little while.

Thanks for the info. I will wait to add my country.

If I learn when you’re added. That’s will be awesome for me.

Brave will create a new topic. Usually they pin it on top for everyone for a few days when changes occur. But if you may not be here on a regular, maybe one thing to do is to subscribe to my Topic, which was PSA: Unsupported Region

I update it every time we learn anything new from Brave about when regions will be added again. I’ll leave that up to you but at least it helps limit the places you need to look.

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