Rewards / custodian wallet at Uphold not available in Germany anymore

Hey there,

for me Brave Rewards is dead now – I’ve spent numerous hours to set up my account at Uphold, did KYC, connected all my devices (phone, tablet, desktop) just to find out that as soon as I want to switch any device I have to jump through even more hoops because my slots are used up and so on and now Uphold refuses to connect my wallet because, as it seems, Germany is not supported anymore.

Really? Is this how this is supposed to work? Spending hours and hours to just pile more problems on myself?

I can’t connect to Uphold anymore, I can’t simply switch my Android device to an iOS device and so on – do you realize that all this is utmost crap from a user perspective? I guess not…

Brave was promising but it’s dead for me now and I feel sorry for all my friends – I got them to install Brave, went through all the hoops with them just to tell them now to ditch that crap.

Sorry, I’m really pissed – I loved Brave but oh well, I will switch back to Chrome now and be done with it. Thanks for listening.



Before posting, did you spend some time searching the community? There’s plenty of information about this limitation. I do not really understand why, after so many months, you just get “pissed off” now.

Brave had to stop supporting most countries because of their legal obligations.
They are trying to bring back as much countries as possible. But this is a complex process due to the different regulations in every country. Germany is among those that has the most complex regulations (you should be used to it right now).

You can follow the development of this process in the following post. Unfortunately Germany does not seem to be one of those coming soon.

You can still keep accumulating rewards in your device until Germany is supported. But right now there is not so much else you can do.

Talking about something far in the past? Because they got rid of linking limits early this year. So not true if you’re saying you had used up all your slots, at least not if referencing any time recently.

True, you got a double whammy. Uphold stopped accepting new account for Germany. But then on top of that, Brave rescinded support for a lot of countries too. Switzerland, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Mexico, Colombia, etc. Then you had Uphold and Gemini put restrictions on places like Venezuela, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, and a bunch of other places. ,

Brave is working on adding in countries again. Unfortunately they aren’t openly talking to us about the specific issues, but have assured that it’s a combination of changing governmental policies & regulations, agreements with Uphold & Gemini, and them trying to adjust to ever increasing fraud that had been occurring.

They do have some big changes coming, primarily slated to come in the first part of next year. One of those things is supposedly a new custodial partner, which might present opportunities for Germany again even if Uphold continues not servicing new accounts.

Sure you can. It’s incredibly easy to switch over to iOS. The only thing is if you do go to iOS, you won’t be able to earn BAT anymore. It’s one thing that has driven me crazy about going from Android to iPhone. I miss the extra BAT I had been getting. If you don’t know about that, it’s because of Apple’s policies which still haven’t changed.

It’s kind of sad that the very tiny bit of BAT you earn monthly is the only thing that was keeping you using Brave. The better performance, increased security, and other benefits mean nothing to you. You’d rather go back to the crappier browser that is going to collect and sell all of your data, all because you couldn’t move the BAT you’re earning to your bank account.

Plus, it’s always good to look back at what’s been said before. I’ll quote you:

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No, I did not spend time searching the community – that was the whole point of my post: I’m registered sind 2019 here at the community and I already spent uncountable hours to get this all working and every some months it stops working for some reason – at one point in time it should just work…

But thank your for replying.

Thank you @Saoiray – there’s some good info in your reply.

As for the linking limit: I got a new MacBook in March and had to send in quite some info to get my old desktop unlinked to be able to link the new machine – got it working but with searching, requesting and setting up the new machine another 1-2 hours have been lost – good to know that that is not needed anymore.

Also good to know that on iOS I won’t be able to earn BATs – so maybe that is the solution which would fit for me: just ditch all that BAT crap and simply go with the browser. No linking headache, no custodial partner which won’t work in my country etc.

And no, BAT was not the reason I kept using Brave – far from it, and since you found my other posting, you know that already :smiley:

It’s just that BATs are part of the browser and I did set it all up and now seeing errors popping up and not being able to link the Uphold account and so on, just makes me kind of angry. I couldn’t care less about those pennies I make with watching those ads.

So, you’re right – maybe I should just disable all the rewards stuff and be done with it. Thank you.

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@TheRealQubix Yeah, all good. I know you’re coming from a point of frustration and was just blowing off steam. I’m hoping these future changes might be able to encourage you to accept things with open arms in the future and you’ll be able to get your hands on all that BAT you earned. I mean, early next year they are moving Rewards over to be part of Brave Wallet. That will keep it safe, so no chance of losing it if Unverified. You’ll still have to Verify with a custodial partner to access it, but then hopefully that will change too some day in the future…at least by them getting you a place that will let Germany link to them.

Also, just a FYI. The linking restrictions only applies to Rewards at the moment. Unless something has changed recently, you can still connect Creator accounts to Uphold as long as you had your Uphold account before they stopped supporting new accounts. So while it’s not officially suggested, you CAN set up a Creators and move all the BAT you have in your browser over to yourself by sending it as a tip. I mean, since officially not meant to, it could get your browser or Creators flagged, but a lot of people have done it with no issues. Besides, if you’re switching devices or can’t withdraw anyway, might be worth it.

Figured I’d mention as at least might be a way to get all of that BAT you’ve been earning. (well, minus the 5% or w/e they take from tips). Of course, if you don’t want to do that, I stay poor on a regular basis and will gladly take any tips you want to send my way at or LMAO

And yeah, if you or anyone does go to tip, it’s kind of broken right now. Might say I am not configured to receive tips…but when it’s been tested, the tips do go through as long as person is Unverified or is linked to Uphold (can’t tip cross platform, so no Gemini tips…boo). It’s something Brave is looking into and working to resolve.

@Saoiray Regarding the BATs I’ve earned: all good on that front, I did send about 500 of them to my Binance account and distributed about 500-800 back to content creators over the years.

Right now there are about €20 sitting at Uphold and I could certainly move them out but since I can’t link Brave to that Uphold account, I can’t tip them anymore – in terms of the Brave ecosystem, they are simply “lost”.

So, right now I earn them and they get sent to Uphold but can’t be accessed from Brave since linking Brave with Uphold doesn’t work (due to regulations). Result: Brave thinks I don’t have any BAT so doesn’t let me tip or auto-contrib…

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You’re getting lucky if that’s the case. Especially if you’re no longer linked to it. As it should just be paying to your browser instead. Not sure when yours became unlinked, but if it was recently then you’ll notice that difference here in either this payout or the next.

@Saoiray Aye, that would make sense: no link to Uphold, no BATs going to Uphold.

The last time I got BATs at Uphold was on Sept 8, the next should arrive in two days so let’s see what will happen then. I will report here.

Ok, the September earnings just arrived – and where did they go? To Uphold! :smiley:

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Well, you got lucky.
My issues are with Gemini. I’m from Portugal and my rewards were not added to my Gemini account because i could not login in because of region… now only US.
had to verify my Uphold account now on Brave… but September rewards are gone… not in Gemini, not in Uphold

You should not have rushed. Payouts are not yet complete. Most users did not receive anything in Uphold or Gemini. Only unverified wallets may have got the Claim button by now.


If you go through this post, you see that, despite of the change, you would still get your rewards in Gemini. But now, that you connected to Uphold, no one knows if you will get them.

Thank you for your fast reply.
In the last minutes, somehow the reward appeared in my Gemini account.
I had to login from the website, and it arrived at the wallet.

Now i have Uphold verified in my home pc, and Gemini verified and yet logged in my work place.

I will keep reading daily the news, and keep Gemini in that computer at least i reach the minimum amount to withdraw that i believe it will be in ~30days.

BAT is sole selling point of Brave. 99% of their users would still be on Chrome or other browsers without it.

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@Wh1teCupr4 Keep in mind that with the Gemini changes, they are officially saying the info below:

  • If you’re already connected to Gemini (even if you do not have a US Gemini account), these changes will not affect you. As of this second, if you are logged out of your Gemini account, it may say that you can’t log back in because your region is not supported. But this error will be resolved in the coming week, and then you will be able to log back in. More importantly, even if it says “Logged out”, you’re still considered connected to Gemini (or Uphold) to us, and should still be receiving ad payouts to your Gemini account!

So even if your browser shows that you disconnect, it should still pay to you as long as you had linked to Gemini before. They just are saying anybody linking new devices to Gemini won’t be able to do so at this time unless they are in the United States.

Also, they are working on UI to allow those who had previously been linked to Gemini to be able to login via their Rewards to see the current balance in the tooltip. Regardless though, they are saying the connection should remain even if it appears not to be connected to you.,

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Thank you for you reply and atention.
I will keep an eye on that.

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