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Good day!

In the past 2 months I tried to reach out multiple times to the support via email what’s been ignored as it is,with no response…
My Issue that I live in the UK but since I don’t hold a UK ID document since I’m from Hungary, the browser logged me out and I cant log in because I’m in a “Ineligible region”.
To be fair the UK is supported and also I should have no problem to log in but I’m getting denied based on my nationality not on my location.
I had weeks long back and forth with the Uphold but they say it is the Brave browser.
It is quiet raging that I’m getting denied from access based on my nationality not my location!

What email? Do you mean you completed the Support Ticket? Because if you literally sent an email, might explain why no response. They don’t really have any existing email for anyone to write to. The only means of contact is Support Ticket or to hope Users or Support might see and help here. But if it’s complex issue or anything to do with Rewards, it HAS to be a ticket.

Okay, which means a mismatch of KYC documents. You would not be able to link to Uphold or Gemini under such circumstance. There’s just no way around it. This is especially the case while Hungary is not supported at this time.

That’s correct. Because anyone can claim to live in places. I mean, I once said I lived at a business when I was homeless and had been able to even receive mail there. Governments and businesses have to be real strict on KYC/AML. If you fail to provide the official documentation to verify who you are and where you’re at, then they can’t just pretend everyone is honest. Keep in mind, KYC/AML is to prevent money laundering, funding terrorism, and more.

Unsupported region notifications are because of Brave. This is because people form Hungary are being restricted due to issues that Brave is working to resolve. Until then, Hungary and many other countries are not allowed to connect to Uphold or Gemini.

Your issue is because you have not gotten a UK ID while you’re there. If you truly live in the UK and are there legally, then you’d be able to get a BRP card or other official ID showing that you’re there. If you have failed to get such an ID and verify yourself there, then you have nobody to blame but yourself. As this means you have no way to prove to anyone you’re actually in the UK and only have ID to show you’re in Hungary.

I did provide the residency permit what was rejected,I got all sorts of paper work to prove I do live here. But as the system works in the UK based on your passport/ID card you are being recorded so they dont give you a separate Card. Apart from the above mentioned Residency Permit.

Also I open a ticket previously yes,and once again there’ve been no response

Well, if it’s a case of Uphold not accepting your document, there’s absolutely nothing that Brave can do. That would be between you and Uphold. You would need to find out if they no longer accept BRP, if they think yours is fraudulent, or why it’s not accepted. Then to figure out what ID they would accept and if you can get it.

Again, there’s nothing Brave can do to help if it’s a matter of Uphold being unable to verify your current KYC documentation.

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