Brave wallet is not connecting to Uphold

Right . I realise that I am new at this but i am having endless problems getting anything started and cannot even find uphold now , never mind connect .
horrible to use !

Hi, I’m from Colombia and i have the same problem, I’ve crated my accout and verify my account on uphold, but when I try to verify my Brave Wallet with uphold it appears this error message.

Someone can help me?

@goodneron, @NicolasJM117, and @shepton the reason is because of changes a while back. There’s been tons of topics/posts created about it here on Brave Community and they are pinned to the front. Keep in mind Pinned messages don’t stay pinned, so if you dismissed them without reading or you opened but didn’t pay attention, it would have removed the pin.

In any case, check out PSA: Unsupported Region

It’s a Topic I made and am keeping updated as we learn more from Brave.

@NicolasJM117 Actually just saw again when you commented. Your situation is something completely different. I just replied to you on a different topic. You need to go to Uphold and make sure you have provided all documentation they need AND make sure you also sill out your information in the profile. You can’t leave anything empty and it has to be as specific as can be.

For example, let’s say I lived in Texas. My address can’t be Texas or Dallas, Texas, or even Somewhere St Dallas, TX. It would have to be 123 Somewhere St Dallas, TX 12345 Be specific enough that if they had to send a letter to you, it would arrive where you live.

Hi, thank you very much. In effect, I wasn’t put my full address, now the problem is the region but I supouse that Colombia will be available soon.

Hard to say. Colombia was only removed last week. Columbia has been temporarily removed as a supported region for Uphold verification

Not sure where that will get slotted in terms of priority with other countries. All we can say with any certainty is a few weeks ago they said goal is to have all workable countries added again by the end of the year

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