Device limit self management

I just bought a new phone and now I can’t verify it and link to my uphold wallet. How to I remove verified devices I no longer use/own? A four device limit send a bit arbitrary, and the inability to add/remove devices is ridiculous. I get a new phone every 3-4 years and a new computer at least every 5-6. How many devices has the brave team have/had since the browser’s creation? I’m being it’s been more than four.

Where have you been hiding? They removed the device limit a while ago…

Yeah, it might help to try to search through the forum for issues. Key phrases can pull up some nice things. Right now Uphold is paused, nobody in the world can connect/reconnect Brave to Uphold for a bit. Then it’s going to be limited to only 19 countries for a little while.

We actually have people complaining about it daily and we’re answering the same questions over and over, which is why I was saying that if you searched for phrases you’d most likely find some topics and posts discussing it.

Check out PSA: Unsupported Region which discusses everything in detail and links to official announcements.

If you’ve seen device limit thing, it’s part of Temporary Pause On Uphold Linking

Users attempting to verify a new wallet with Uphold will likely see the “Linking Limit” error.

Wow, what a great community. Such a helpful “community ninja”. I did search key phrases, didn’t find any “nice things”, and the browser keeps giving me a “device limit reached” message. The Brave help page suggested posting to the forum, I did, and now I have to be ridiculed by a complete stranger. No need to be a jerk.

You’re right. When I’ve searched similar in recent days, it had pulled up accurate results. For some reason, even when switching to Lastest Post, it’s not actually pulling results. It should have shown the post at Temporary Pause On Uphold Linking - #4 by Evan123 as one of the top, but for some reason it wasn’t anywhere near there. So I’m going to have to see if @Mattches and whoever else can advise why the Searches there aren’t really pulling accurately and hope it might be able to be worked on later.

Also, I also want to make sure I apologize. While what I was saying is correct in terms of people searching through, but I can understand it might be frustrating for you if you did look first and was presented with the bad search results that just came up for me as well. So truly, :bowing_man: I’m sorry. :bowing_man:

Honestly, it’s not ridiculing or being a jerk. Quite frankly, we do have a lot of people who post often and repeatedly on the same topic. Lately I’ve been trying to encourage people to search through so they can find answers quicker and also so it doesn’t eat up so much time and effort from staff or others.

Your post here was on device limits only. I answered that and then went over and beyond to link about how the same error message might have been related to another topic and shared that. All of your information was answered to the fullest extent it could be. The sarcasm and calling me a jerk is not good, also is a violation of rules here on this site.

Where I’m apologizing is because the suggestion for searching, though it should be a great suggestion, turned out to be wrong this time.