BRAVE WALLET/ Withdrawals

Hi, I´m from Argentina, could you please enable withdrawals to UPHOLD; GEMINI or even BRAVE WALLET?. The browser has a wallet, for what?

BAT as of now at least, earned through rewards can’t be transferred to Brave Wallet. That’s because that requires KYC / AML. That’s something Brave doesn’t want to get into, so they’ve given options of Uphold / Gemini. Also Argentina could be back soon. Atleast by the end of the year I guess. That’s what the target is.

For handling all crypto except for receiving Brave Rewards. You’re essentially asking a question that’s been asked and answered millions of times. It’s even in a FAQ of theirs. You may want to check out

It’s coming, eventually. If you check my topic that I update any time we have news (which SmartyAadi linked to you above), you’ll see when they announce any changes. Recent is that at least some countries in Latin America should hopefully be added again after next week.

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