Region not supported on India

No timeline is known.

Absolutely. India and France are the top two priorities in terms of establishing countries again.

Can you understand English when spoken? If so, check out

In particular listen to the first like 10 minutes and the last 15 minutes or so. .

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@Saoiray ,
I assume till the issue is resolved, brave users in India will keep browsing and earning BATs as they did earlier. But, if by the next payment date on 8th August 2022, the problem is not resolved, will you still deposit the earned BATs in the respective verified Uphold/Gemini accounts of the users ? Uphold mailed me that we can then transfer from Uphold to other crypto custodian accounts and then withdraw the amount.

It won’t be sent to your verified wallet, it’ll just accumulate on your device, those BATs will be lost if you uninstall brave or lose your phone…factory reset it…etc. etc. You can still use the funds you already have in Uphold, you can withdraw it anytime, the only thing that’s temporarily down is the thing where you receive BAT directly in your Uphold/Gemini custodial accounts


Even i have made gemini account and it is availaible in india and its says that region not supported .
now it does for both the uphold and gemini . i guess brave is not letting india to get a supported in region .

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That’s 100% correct. It is temporary in the grand scheme of things, but looking at a 2-3 months of not being able to connect to Uphold or Gemini.

Btw, go check out PSA: Unsupported Region

Hey @Saoiray. Is there anything which we can do to save the BATS somewhere online till this thing is sorted out as currently they are on our local storage and there is always chance of loosing them out in case of reinstalling. Currently we are not able to verify the wallet so it is not getting saved online.

any updates?
or any alternate method?

Pretty much this only exists on Desktop. If you save the \Brave-browser folder then you would have all the BAT saved.

In the future, it will save online. They are going to be moving Rewards to be part of Brave Wallet. You will still have to use an exchange like Uphold or Gemini in order to withdraw them, but the purpose of it is just to better protect BAT. In effect it also means if you’re using the same Brave Wallet on all devices, it will essentially sync your BAT all in one place. But like I said, they are working on it and hoping to finish here in Q4, the end of this year. Then to release is in Q1 of 2023 if all goes well.

But in the meanwhile, just stuck trying to do physical backups of Brave. (I think Android has an option to do backup too, where it saves apps and app data. They said it should save BAT that way too or allow you to move to a different phone, but I’ve not tried it and haven’t heard of anyone doing it, so afraid to say that with any certainty)

@hkboi Not really. I mean, there’s information I just shared for jainaagam here. Otherwise you just need to keep an eye out on my updates that I regularly give over at PSA: Unsupported Region

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In my country, Sri Lanka has the same issue

I know it does, because it’s not a supported region. Please try to actually read some of the things I’ve said, including the link I’ve given to the PSA: Unsupported Region topic

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Please talk with officials to get this thing done asap

but I received my last month’s rewards to uphold :grinning:
Screenshot from 2022-09-08 13-22-41

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So? It helps if you read what people have typed elsewhere and even check official announcements. It’s been said many times over that you continue receiving while your browser is connected to Uphold. Once it gets disconnected, you can’t connect again.

Same issue here. I was getting rewards in uphold since 2020. Now both gemini and uphold showing region is not supported. I think it’s time find another rewarding browser.

Where is my Brave rewards going from past 3 months. As india is not supported. I have connected my account to Gemini and Uphold with KYC completed. But i cant access my gemini and uphold account.

Please help.

When all the things going smoothly???
When indian users again received reward???
Is that any chances of increasing the price of bat??

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