Brave Reward cannot be transfered to uphold INDIA

how to transfer to upload my brave rewards i am unable to transfer to custodial uphold in India, please guide.

please guide to transfer rewards to some other wallet. . . or send them into brave wallet. . . . . .


I’m also facing the same issue. Brave currently don’t give payout in Indian region from a long time and we also waiting for brave to release this restrictions and i highly request to Brave to start giving payout for indian region too very soon.

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You’ll have to wait till India is supported by Uphold again. Should be soon since target is to get most regions back by the end of the year.
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You said right only until the value of your earning becomes 0.

Stop spamming. Lol. Every other crypto is falling right now. If you actually see, BAT has been doing well at keeping value. Also, something is better than nothing.

You are not entirely wrong but the rest of the crypto that is falling is a crypto currency whereas Basic Attention Token is a crypto token. And anyway this is not a community but a puppet site.

if you think this is a spam then flag it flag the account also i will make a new one .

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