Region not supported for linking with Uphold

Hello, i have used Brave browser for some time and linked it with Uphold wallet, but the thing is for a few days this stopped and i got that ‘‘region is not supported’’ but searched on community and saw that Gemini actually is not containing Romania, but Uphold does that and i wann ask: when will this be available for me to link the Uphold?

Nobody knows. They did say hoping to get most countries added by the end of the year, but no guarantee of it. There’s been some issues in regards to regulations by governments that are a big factor in what’s going on. I do try to list countries they are bringing back and any updates as we get them over at my Topic, which is PSA: Unsupported Region

Right now, only countries we’ve been told they are working on is Brazil and India. Then I’ll share if any others are mentioned.

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