Getting "Region not supported" in supported region (Netherlands)

That wasn’t the problem. Not sure if it’s in how you described it to them or if it’s bad customer service on their part. The issue was you having to make sure your passport/ID was from a different country.

From their perspective, you’ve shared information and they have it. You gave your ID and whatever else, so you’re verified for them. They don’t have a block on Netherlands and most likely no block on whatever country you were in beforehand.

HOWEVER, their API communicates with Brave. It would see whichever country you did submit for KYC and that’s what Brave sees. So I’m not sure which country you were in, but if you haven’t provided Netherlands ID to Uphold and they haven’t updated it to reflect in the API, then you’ll not be able to connect because Brave will see that your Uphold account is tied to whatever country your passport is from.

So in all of that, did you ever submit new documentation or did you just simply ask them if your account was in good standing? Because if didn’t submit new documents, then of course nothing changed and you’re still having issues

I forgot to mention that in my last 2 week correspondence with Uphold support, I explained the problem to them and they sent me new KYC link in which I solely used Dutch (Netherlands) documents.

That’s what they meant in their last message that “Having checked your Uphold account, I can see your account is fully verified and in good standing” but for some reason when I try to connect to it from Brave I’ll still get the same “region not supported” error.

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Sometimes needs a bit of time. I’m going to tag @steeven since he was working with your before. I’ll also advise maybe you DM him with the email associated with your Uphold account and maybe your Wallet Payment ID that you can find at brave://rewards-internals

In the past when situation was similar to yours and information was updated, they were able to refresh it and get it working. So hopefully they’ll do the same with yours.

I had the same issue today in Turkey?

@ahodzic any updates? Curious if has gone through.

Your country isn’t supported right now. It likely will be added again here by the end of the year, but we are waiting to see what’s happening. (And there’s a lot of articles & posts on this if you would have taken your time to search for answers)

Hi @Saoiray no updates unfortunately, as soon as I try to verify my Uphold wallet in Brave I’ll get “Error: Region not supported”.

Before it would let me login to Uphold and then I would get back this message. But now as soon as I click on login to Uphold I get this message.

In meantime as suggested I DM’ed @steeven with output of my brave://rewards-internals/

There’s not much coming from Uphold support, as:

As we are unsure of the exact criteria Brave uses to verify the BAT rewards in regards to your residency, identity and citizenship, the support we can provide for this issue is limited at this time.

And I don’t think it makes sense to contact them anymore as I tend to agree with them that problem might be on Brave side.

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Thanks @ahodzic, still digging on my end. Thank you for your patience.

Most welcome and thank you @steeven for still looking into this.

hello good afternoon, I have the same problem, it just started this month, I can’t link my uphold account again since it tells me that the region is not supported, I worked with uphold in brave since I started using brave but now I get this problem… was there any solution?

I have the same problem in the Czech Republic. I can’t connect Uphold since around July. Initially not receiving clarification why. Now it says region not supported. I received last payment in June on Uphold. Brave is still collecting rewards, but I’m not receiving them for the last couple of months.

same here, i’m from argentina. been receiving brave rewards for like a year with no problem in my uphold account but today I got the “region not supported” message. what can I do?

I’m also getting the same error. I’m from Brazil and since a year I received my BAT normally in my UpHold account, however, now I get the message below…

“Error: Region currently not supported
Your Uphold account can’t be connected to your Brave Rewards profile at this time. Your Uphold account is registered in a country that’s not currently supported for connecting to Brave Rewards.”

@rdllngr Please create your own topic.

I’m getting the same ‘Error: Region currently not supported’ message. It started a month ago. I live in Belgium, am a Dutch citizen, and I can use my Uphold account without any problems.


I am having this issue too.
Is there any update on this topic?

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I have same issue from UK…
I did wtite to Steeven months ago provided my docs and nothing changed Im afraid this issue never gonna be solved.

Same here (from Belgium). Strangely, the BAT from the Brave Browser installed on my Linux machine is received in my Uphold account, but the BAT from my Brave Browser on my Mac is not. (Reinstalling Brave did not help.)

Hi, I’m also facing the same problem. I’d like to retrieve my BAT rewards from my Brave browser but somehow I’m unable to do that, as apparently there’s some regional issue that I’m facing when trying to transfer the BAT coins to Uphold. So I was wondering, is there any way that I can still transfer the coins to another wallet? If not, is there a way I can get hold of a secret key or something to transfer the coins from one laptop to another?


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Greetings Steeven,

I got a question,
Will we soon have the Netherlands in the supported region?

Kind Regards,