Brave, I am confused

I am confused. You tell me, as a german citizen I am not allowed to operate an Uphold account and you wont send me any BAT anymore since you dont think I am worthy of your BATs.
I was unlinked in July. on both of my 2 devices. I cant reconnect since you dont want me to.

Explain this :



So either let me receive my BATs straight up to uphold, or stop sending me BAT… You clearly are able to send em to unsupported region.

This is not personal. It has nothing to do with you.
Due to regulations Brave cannot distribute rewards to users in Germany, neither via Uphold nor via Gemini.
Until they find a way to comply with the regulations, they cannot include Germany. And since Brave depends on the custodial wallets to manage all the required procedures, this makes it more complex.

You can find more information about what is going on in the following post.

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I know, I am not dumb. And I know all about the unsupported regions. That is not the point.
The point is, I still recieve bat bein in unsupported, have not been linked for months.

You still receive indeed. They are yours. That is not the issue. The issue is, you cannot cash it out due to regulations.

@xMovingTarget That is indeed strange. Did you also receive any September payout to your unverified Rewards wallet balance?

I’m wondering if this is an amount that was in limbo in Uphold from a prior pay period (previous to July). Could it have been hanging around in Uphold and just being paid this payout period? Uphold support may be able to look at the transactional data and determine why this is being paid out in Uphold even though your country is currently not supported although the effort may not be worth the trouble.

Yeah bro, my friend recieved it too even he is from unsupported region and unlinked 2 months ago, but he still receiving in uphold, but not in full payment. Thats so confusing

Possible. But weird over that amount of time.
Yes. I had claim manually on both devices that have brave installed. Even though since unlinking, I completely changed browsers. Because lets be real. Germany wont be supported again in the foreseeable future.
I do not care enough to ask Uphold tbh.
I am just wondering, they are able to send me whatever to my uphold while telling me I am not supported. Brave Rewards just turned into an utter clown show over the years.
So basically they are not allowed to send currency to “unsupported” regions while they send currency to “unsupported” regions. If they can and just do that, then send me the whole thing and I may start using Brave again.
There is faster Browsers with pretty much the same level of security out there. Just saying.

Totally agreed with you :joy:

Hi @xMovingTarget

I’m a little confused on the issue you’re experiencing. Are you not receiving your payouts through claims?

No, I got this as shown on screenshots plus manual claims in browsers into browser reward wallet.

@SaltyBanana hey bro, can you also look into my issue… this is huge… I’m not even getting my rewards but its says payments arrived… my total 16+ bats were gone… i never received it

Please help me, i already raised it to support twice… I’ve also included my brave ticket number in my post. Below is the link to the post, pls look into it.

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