Error: Region not supported (Wallet- Uphold, Region-Malaysia)

Can i know, if Malaysia also have a problem like India and Thailand to verified the Brave Rewards (Uphold)?

Because i tried many time to verify and they say error region not supported.

When this issue can solve?

Vraiment bizarre cette histoire bloquer les region des utilisateurs

tem 2 mess que não consigo receber por causa desse erro

Yes, it does. Malaysia is not one of the 19 countries which remained supported as Brave was working on resolving issues. There is not a timeline for how long until your region (Malaysia) will be brought back. They are focusing on France now, then India. I’m not sure where the rest of the world fits, but they are at least doing France and India among their top priorities.

I post regular updates as we hear more from Brave at PSA: Unsupported Region

It might be good to keep checking that Topic every once in a while. At the very least I’ll update it every Tuesday night or Wednesday.

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