How can protect

How can we protect our brave rewards until we get verified by Uphold or Gemini?

Is it possible to protect our rewards?
because any error happens with the browser or formatting Operating system total rewards are lost

@rrksh33 If talking mobile, there’s no good way of doing so. If you’re talking Desktop, then you do that by doing a backup of your \brave-browser folder.

You can find where yours is located by checking the Profile Path at brave://version

Reason why it’s not as easy on Mobile is because the path is in System files that you can’t access. The only way you’d get to it is if you’re rooted. And in the past, it was said having a device rooted had the potential to have you flagged or not to be able to earn BAT. So if on Android, your best bet is just not to format or do anything to clear the data.,

Thanks for your valuable information…
and I need to ask another one here
Is it need KYC verification before add brave rewards to Uphold?

Because I got the “country not supported error”
when i was adding brave rewards to Uphold.

Yes, the KYC needs to be done at Uphold. Brave doesn’t store KYC details. All KYC info is needed by Uphold and is with Uphold Only.

Your profile says You’re from India. India at this moment is not supported for rewards verification. Brave says it’ll be enabled soon though.

The below was said by @jsecretan in the community call on Tuesday →

  • The good news is we’re making progress with Uphold and hopefully will have Brazil, India, and other countries turned on soon. We’re just waiting for Uphold to finish up a few things surrounding fraud.

Got this info here.

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