I want to verify wallet but it doesn't work

I want to verify wallet but it doesn’t work. I’m getting a warning that Brave Rewards does not support your region, please fix my problem immediately.


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]Ads Payout Status Update - #79 by Evan123

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@serkankursun All information you need to know is in reply I made to someone else. Please make sure to read everything thoroughly, including to click on links provided and read what is said there.


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then plz… provide us alternative or allow us to connect our metamask or binance wallet


Check this out:

And in case you think of then suggestion Brave Wallet:

And if you haven’t been seeing updates in regards to regional support:

Please do yourself and me a favor, actually click on everything and read it all. You’ll learn a lot.

so how i got my reward for this month

So this somewhat has to do with the topic but i did try and verify my wallet but didnt read that it wanted me to fit the shape into a certain outline so i tried a second time after realizing and it just said “there was an error with redeeming your brave rewards” and kicked me out

Hey yoh , ssup…mine is a short quickie, when will brave wallets get functional in KENYA? We got so many brave users and the monthly earnings are just like flowers on our brave browsers. The rewards cant be withdrawn, kindly assist. Thanks in advance.

Im live in Ireland and still no work verify.

That is not something that can be done at the drop of a hat as there are complicated processes that have to be done and whilst it would be nice if it could happen there unfortunately is no magic wand. This is something that is being worked on but it is a complex problem.

Just an FYI, I just heard this is a known issue and something they are working on.

So ‘marriage’ to Uphold was apparently not such a good decision.

Hello my friend. Any progress on the reopening of regions?

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No,the problem is still there

Us error was firstly show on feb2022 and from there it doesn’t make any progress and also brave support doesn’t even reply to compliment or explain about this

May be it does work now it better to switch to another browser

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