Request for Information on Gemini Custodial Account and Brave Rewards in India

Dear Brave Team,

I hope this finds you well. I am writing to inquire about the support for Gemini custodial account in India and its integration with Brave Rewards.

As you may know, the Indian government has recently made some changes in regulations regarding cryptocurrency, and I am interested in finding out if Brave is planning to support Gemini custodial account in India again. It would be great if you could provide an update on the status and estimated timeline for this integration.

Additionally, I have been using Brave Rewards as an unverified user, and I was wondering if the BAT that I have earned so far will be available for me to claim when I verify my account. I would appreciate it if you could provide more information on this as well.

Thank you for your time and effort in providing a secure and private browsing experience for your users. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Gemini atleast for now isn’t something which will have regions added soon. If any, only to Uphold. It’s because of Gemini that regions have been haulted from support.
If you were connected to Gemini before this region unsupported issue then my other post will help I guess

Well it worked for people in Nightly versions and has worked for me, so thought I’ll share. It should work. In case it doesn’t it’s probably cause you tried from a new profile for rewards or you just tried connecting to Uphold too many times so the system isn’t recognixing.

If Gemini isn’t adding regions soon then will there be any other custodial account available soon?
And what’s going to happen to the BAT that I have earned as unverified account?

Well, there’s Uphold. I know Brave is working on getting a big set of regions supported soon.
They are working on a new partner as well and the signs are looking good so far said Brendan Eich, CEO at Brave.

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In April, All the vBATS are going to be taken away from Brave Rewards.

Few months after April, when everything is normal again. India and other countries will be added again and same thing will repeat again.

I am not sure why are they taking away the vBATS if they plan to add it again on the same country. Then can just let it be on the browser right?

No, they want to take away, Thats who BRAVE do a well planned scam under the impression that is the legal challenge.

replying since i dont want the topic to close

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any update on india custodial partner??? the update for sunsetting vbat has been implemented in india in recent days…

None at all, except chances of it happening before sunsetting is starting to look unlikely. Btw, I always do share all updates at PSA: Unsupported Region - #390 by Saoiray

I knew it from start. BRAVE REWARDS IS A SCAM. Why can’t the sunsetting postponed??

Why I am not getting answer to simple question?? “Why can’t the sunsetting postponed??”

Is it because BRAVE Rewards is A SCAM??

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It has been answered multiple times. You just don’t like the answer.

See again you beated around the bush? I need a clear answer on
“Why can’t the sunsetting postponed??”


Any updates, I want to keep this thread alive

Already pointed out that if there are any updates, they are always updated at

Stop being oblivious to info already there. Thanks.


Gemini earlier blocked withdrawals of crypto from their earn program right?

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