Philippines Region Not Supported?

how can we claim the brave rewards if the Philippines is not supported? when will you accept the Philippines?

Hey, since you’re unverified you should be receiving a claim button in Brave. You’ll have to wait for some time could be days as well since payments for Gemini users and unverified wallets are still processing.

No timeline. No one knows. Brave is targeting to get workable regions back by the end of the year. Not sure if Phillipines will be supported by then, though. You can keep yourself updated from the PSA below →

That will cause Brave’s system flagging his rewards profile.

Unknown. What I can say is Philippines is not a priority. There were too many problems with the country. While people from Brave have not said it won’t come back, they have expressed there’s a lot of concerns about Philippines and they are uncertain when, or if, they will add it in the future. That said, they also explicitly stated they are trying to add all countries again. I’m guessing eventually might happen, but not as quick or as important as countries like Brazil, Germany, India, etc.

Brave’s goal is to add most workable countries (countries they can add again) by the end of this year.

Two things.

  1. VPN doesn’t help with Unsupported Region. This is entirely about what documents you used to verify your Uphold account. In other words, your passport or photo ID you used for KYC purposes AND the information you provided in your profile which shows where you live.

  2. VPN being used to pretend you’re in a region you’re not is a violation of Brave’s terms. It is an attempt to bypass regional ad restrictions. It can and will eventually get your account flagged/suspended, which will prevent you from being able to do anything with your BAT and will also make you unable to earn BAT at all.

oh damn ok never mind then. Sorry, I was unaware

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